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Winter Dog Clothes to Keep Your Fur Fam Toasty and On-Trend This Season

Don’t fear the cold snap. It’s the perfect excuse to shop for chunky knit sweaters, faux fur-fringed parkas and snug booties—for your dog, that is. Dog winter clothes not only serve a functional purpose—keeping your pup protected from cold temps and salty sidewalks—but they look darn good doing it.

We chatted with San Tran, who works on Chewy’s own pet fashion line, Frisco, to get the deets on this season’s pet fashion lineup, which, she says, is inspired by real-world runway trends.

“Trends such as faux fur, buffalo and [winter] plaids… and many different details and fabrics are being introduced to the line this season,” she says.

From festively-patterned PJs to sporty snowsuits, we’ve got the lowdown on the best dog winter clothes for the rest of 2020 and into the new year.

What to Consider Before Buying Winter Clothes for Your Dog

Keep these questions top of mind when shopping for dog winter clothes and accessories:

  • How’s the weather? Where you live plays a key role in the kind of winter dog clothes your Alexander Pup-Queen (or King) requires. For example, if you live in the sunbelt where winter’s pretty mild, lighter garments such as dog pajamas and dog sweaters are a better fit. Conversely, dog snowsuits and winter boots are wardrobe musts in icy-cold temps with sleet and snow.
  • How much hair are we working with? The more robust your dog’s natural fur coat is, the less extra padding and warmth they need. Hairless doggos, and those with less fur in general, will require garments that offer more warmth and protection.
  • How’s the fit and function? Fit and function matter—a lot! For fit, Tran says it’s super important to measure your pet’s neck, chest and body length. For function, prioritize dog winter clothes that are easy to put on, take off and adjust: Think quick Velcro closures, stretchy fabrics, and helpful design details like strategic openings for collars.
  • Does your dog seem comfortable? Paw-couture momentarily aside, you want to make sure your dog feels 100-percent comfortable in their garments. If your pet seems uncomfortable, try adjusting the straps, or size up or down. If that doesn’t work, it might not be a garment match.

Functional and Fashionable: Our Favorite Winter Dog Clothes

Start with these seven categories when adding to your dog’s winter wardrobe.

Dog Sweaters

Warm and cute dog sweaters are the perfect winter clothing staple any place it gets even mildly chilly. In moderate climates, dog sweaters can replace the bulk of a winter dog coat, and they’re a cozy indoor option no matter where you live. GF Pet's Chalet Dog Sweater feels equal parts preppy and laid back, and you have your pick from four colors and 10 sizes to ensure the perfect fit. Who doesn't love a comfy cable-knit sweater?

Perfect for: dogs who live in moderate to cold climates.

dog sweaters - buffalo plaid
Frisco Buffalo Plaid Dog Sweater
dog sweaters - color blocking
Frisco Colorblock Turtleneck Sweater
cute dog sweaters - color stripes
Wagatude Multi-Colored Sweater

Dog Winters Coats & Parkas

A winter dog coat or parka is a great investment for pet parents who contend with snow, sleet and freezing temps. “Parkas have lined insulation within the coat to provide maximum warmth and come with a hood so that even your dog’s head is protected from the harsh winter weather,” Trans says. Note that parkas are naturally going to be more restrictive on a dog’s movements since they’re thicker, and should only be worn when outside on a quick walk. You can’t go wrong with this minimalist insulated puffer coat from Frisco, which comes in seven sizes and three colors to suit every pup.

Perfect for: dogs who live in cold climates and take quick trips outdoors.

dog winter coast - olive parka
Frisco Love Insulated Dog Coat
dog winter coat - yellow parka
Canada Pooch True North Dog Parka
dog winter coats - floral
Frisco Floral Dog Puffer Coat

Dog Snowsuits

Got a dog who likes to spend time outside no matter the weather? “Pet snowsuits are great under extreme weather, like frigid ice or snow, to protect your pet from those extended amounts of time outside either as a working dog or for a long winter walk,” Tran says. “They are typically wind-proof, rain-proof and well-insulated.” Dog snowsuits—like the Slush Dog Suit from Canada Pooch—have a Sporty Spice vibe and usually fit over your dog’s legs, so they may need to get used to that. Once they do, they’ll be ready for any winter activity the weather throws at them. 

Perfect for: dogs who live in cold, snowy climates and spend more time outdoors.

dog snowsuits - hurtta extreme
Hurtta Extreme Overall Insulated Dog Snowsuit
dog snowsuits - body warmer
Hurtta Body Warmer Dog Bodysuit
dog winter clothes - helios dog snowsuit
Dog Helios Weather King Full Body Dog Jacket

Dog Pajamas

If your pooch is going to sleep in PJs, they’ve got to be comfortable, which is why the key qualities to look for in dog pajamas are softness and simplicity. “Our Frisco pajamas are made of a very soft polyester fabric that feel as if your pet is constantly wrapped in a plush blanket all around and always ready for that cozy winter nap,” says Tran. Playful prints, like little llamas and celestial bodies, take center stage on the season’s hottest dog pajamas. Frisco’s Outer Space fleece onesie dog pajamas, for example, feature an out-of-this-world adorable mix of aliens, astronauts, planets and spaceships. Bonus for you: Dog pajamas help trap hair and dander!

Perfect for: dogs who love to cuddle up and get cozy.

dog onesie pajamas - llamas
Frisco Llamas Fleece Dog PJs
dog onesie pajamas - ducks
Frisco Rubber Ducky Dog PJs
dog onesie pajamas - foxes
Frisco Foxes Fleece Dog PJs

Dog Winter Boots & Socks

In the same way these items protect your feet and keep you warm, dog winter boots and socks protect your pet’s paws from having direct contact with the ground. “We wouldn’t want to walk directly on snow, salt, mud and even small sharp or abrasive objects on the ground, nor does your dog,” Tran says. Frisco’s Anti-Slip Soft-Soled Winter Dog Boots are water-resistant to keep paws warm and dry, and they have built-in traction on the soles to prevent slipping. Your dog might walk a little funny at first, but they’ll get used to it quickly and appreciate the happy feet! 

Perfect for: dogs who live in cold, snowy climates or in homes with hard-surface flooring.

dog boots - Frisco Anti-Slip Wrap Dog Boots
Frisco Anti-Slip Wrap Dog Boots
plaid anti-slip dog socks
Frisco Plaid Non-Skid Dog Socks
striped dog socks
Frisco Colorblock Dog Socks

Holiday Apparel

We’re talking pure novelty with this category, which include dog Christmas and Hanukkah sweaters, party dresses and other holiday-themed clothes. Holiday apparel makes for silly selfies, aww-worthy holiday photos, and—let’s be honest—lots of laughs. For example, the Too Cute for the Naughty List Dog Dress only speaks the truth (even if your dog is notorious for getting into the trash or chewing things they shouldn’t). The dress is made with a soft, breathable fabric and features a flowing skirt, bow embellishment, gold glitter and tulle. That’s gonna be one festive pooch!

Perfect for: dogs who are the life of the holiday party.

Christmas dog bandana
Frisco Dear Santa I Can Explain Dog Bandana
hanukkah dog bandana
Frisco Happy Hanukkah Dog Bandana
Frisco Flip Sequin Naughty/Nice Dog & Cat Bandana
Frisco Flip Sequin Naughty/Nice Dog Bandana

Dog Winter Hats and Other Accessories

If your dog isn’t down for the full getup, a seasonal accessory is an easy and fun way to get into the holiday spirit. “Instead of wearing full-on costumes, we have customers that elect to buy a few accessories which can be combined for some easy holiday fun,” says Tran. “For example, we offer a range of festive bandanas and they can be layered up with holiday LED antlers or a traditional Santa hat for those family photos.” Or you can keep it canine casual with something like the Frisco Plaid Dog & Cat Knitted Hat, which can be worn all winter long.

Perfect for: dogs who take a less is more approach to fashion.

Frisco Red Buffalo Plaid Dog & Cat Bandana
Frisco Red Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana
Frisco "Little Adventurer" Dog & Cat Bandana
Frisco "Adventurer" Dog Bandana
dog winter hat
Frisco Cable Knit Dog Hat

From cute Christmas dog sweaters to style-meets-function parkas, you’ve got so many great dog winter clothes to choose from this season. Ask yourself those four questions we outlined above and enjoy winter in proper style!

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