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7 Cute Valentines Messages for Pets

Our Favorite Pet-Themed Valentines Messages

Does your valentine have fur and four paws? What about a bark or a purr? If you plan on spending Valentine’s Day with your furry family members, then you’ll love these Valentine’s Day messages for pets. These pet-themed Valentine’s Day sayings will have any pet lover feeling all warm and fuzzy inside—just in time for Valentine’s Day! And don’t forget to show your pet just how much you love them with a toy or treat from our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

Who doesn’t love an adorable Labrador Retriever?

valentine messages for pets

The Imagine This Company “It’s Not a Home Without” Wood Labrador Sign is the perfect Labrador-inspired sign to hang to represent how much love your home shares on Valentine’s Day, and every day!

Pretty please with a carob-covered strawberry on top?

valentine messages for pets

Let everyone know who you’d rather be with on Valentine’s Day by wearing the I’d Rather Be With My Dog Tank Top.

Drop the catitude and be mine, valentine!

valentine messages for pets

Once your cat agrees to spend this special day with you, surprise her with a cat collar and matching friendship bracelet that you both can wear fur-ever!

Oh my puggness, I think I love you!

valentine messages for pets

Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk! The Pugs N’ Kisses Grain-Free Dog Food is the perfect dinner to spoil your pooch with on Valentine’s Day. You can also treat yourself to some pug-tastic gifts too, like some pugs socks and a t-shirt. 

The only way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with a slobbery, wet kiss.

valentine messages

Keep the fur baby kisses minty fresh by giving your pooch a dental treat.  Let all of your guests know what they’re in for if they stop by with a “Beware Of Dog Kisses” Box Sign.

There’s no love like that between a pet parent and their fur baby.

valentine messages

Display the love you and your pet share by printing out a photo of you two (or three…or four!) and putting it in an adorable picture frame.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

valentine messages

Spoil your pooch with a new Valentine’s Day wardrobe, like the Mommy’s Little Flirt T-Shirt or the Mommy’s Sweet Heart Tutu!