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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Your Cat and Dog

Spoil Your Valentine’s Day Dog or Cat

Love is in the air, and getting purr-esents for your special someone will show them just how much you care! There’s no holiday quite like Valentine’s Day, and when you have loved ones like your pet to spend it with, the day truly becomes un-fur-gettable.

Valentine’s Day is a great day to spoil your pet a little more than you usually do. The love between you and your pet is one of a kind, so take this opportunity to have fun celebrating the special bond you share.

On a special day like this one, there’s no such thing as too much pampering. To make you have the best Valentine’s Day with your pet, we’ve handpicked adorable gifts that are sure to show just how much you love your four-legged companion.

Outfits fur Bae

Dress your Valentine’s Day dog up in an outfit that shows how much you two adore one another. You can “claim your bae” with the Fab Dog Bae Dog Hoodie. Or, you can also surprise your significant other by dressing your pet up in an I love mommy or I love daddy T-shirt.
Valentines day dog gifts

Is your pup a su-paw-model that demands attention everywhere she goes? The Tail Trends Winged Heart Red Dog Tutu will have people everywhere stopping to say hello.

Valentine's day dog gift

If your dog isn’t a big fan of dressing up, put on a heart bandana, which is lightweight yet still super cute for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's day dog gift

Cat and Dog Valentine Box

Give the gift of surprises! Not just one surprise, but an entire box full of them! Spoil your Valentine’s Day dog with a Bone Appe-treat Goody Box or the Tiny But Mighty Goody Box. The Bone Appe-treat Goody Box is great for all breed sizes and provides tons of handpicked, yummy treats for your dog valentine to try. If your Valentine’s Day pet is on the petite side, then go for the Tiny But Mighty Goody Box; all of the dog treats and toys inside are made to fit your pooch’s tiny jaws.

Valentine's day dog gift

Is your Valentine a feline? If so, the Meow You’re Talking Goody Box would be a perfect match for your Valentine’s Day cat. This goody box has tasty cat treats and fun new toys for your feline to play with all day long.

Valentine's day cat gift

Just Because Gifts for Valentines Dogs and Cats

When your fur baby has everything she needs, you can still give her fun little gifts that are sure to show how much you love your bundle of joy. Groom your cat with the Four Paws Love Glove Grooming Mitt. This grooming mitt will also give your kitty cat a gentle massage as you groom away, which will definitely make her feel a-purr-reciated (and extra pampered!). Other ways to make your Valentine’s Day cat feel extra special is by gifting her a 3-sided vertical cat scratcher and catnip, because what cat doesn’t enjoy catnip?

Valentine's day cat gift

When it comes to your pupper, you can never have too many dog toys! Nothing says, “I love you” more than the heart eyes emoji, so treat your pup to the ultimate plush toy that speaks for itself! Once your dog valentine is ready for a nap from all that fun with her new toy, whip out her next gift—the Smart Pet Love Heart Pattern Dog Blanket. This blankie is made from ultra-soft fleece and can be used virtually anywhere you and your fur baby go! After nap time, it’s time to head out on the town. Stay true to the traditional pinks and reds of Valentine’s Day by getting a pink or red collar and matching leash.

Valentine's day dog gift

Valentine’s Day Vibes

Keep the Valentine’s Day spirit going all day long with these fun gift picks! Here are a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day dog and cat gifts that we sniffed out:

Heart-y Meals

Give your pupper the ultimate Valentine’s Day dinner by spoiling her with Merrick Seasonals Pugs N’ Kisses Adult Grain-Free Canned Dog Food. This stew has real, deboned beef with sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, apples and other wholesome ingredients. Talk about a 5-star meal for your loveable Valentine’s Day dog!
Valentine's day dog gift

Valentine’s Day Dog and Cat Toys

Since Valentine’s Day does fall on a weekday, you may not be able to spend most of the day with your fur baby. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give them the gift of constant affection. The Smart Pet Love Snuggle Kitty Behavioral Aid Cat Toy and Dog Toy are snuggly toys that have a pulsing heartbeat. These toys simulate the physical warmth of cuddling, so your pet can feel the love all day long until you get home!

Valentine's day cat gift

Heartwarming Friendship Bracelets

If you and your feline’s furr-iendship is one of a kind, the Pettsie Heart Cat Collar with Friendship Bracelet is the perfect gift to give. It’s a matching bracelet and collar that will be a daily reminder of how close you two are!

Valentine's day cat gift

Treats, Treats, Treats!

I Ruff You Pup-PIE Dog Treat is the perfect midnight snack to give your pooch when Valentine’s Day is dwindling down and you’re getting ready for bed. For the felines, get heart-shaped cat treats that are irresistible.

Valentine's day dog gift

All these gifts are great, but the biggest gift you and your pet have is each other. So, don’t forget to do the most important thing on Valentine’s Day: give your pet extra love and affection.

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