Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs
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12 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dogs and Cats

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to shower your sweetheart with love, affection and gifts that show just how much you love them—and that includes your furry sweethearts, too. These fun and festive Valentine’s Day gifts for dogs and cats let you celebrate your four-legged bestie in style.

Your pet is undoubtedly the love of your life (one of my dog’s pet names is even “Love Bug!”), so why not spoil them with some extra cuddles and purr-esents come February 14? The Valentine’s Day dog and cat gifts below are sure to get plenty of love from your pet, plus they encourage you to spend time together, build great memories and show the world how much you adore your furry best friend. There’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day for a Chewy pet parent!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs


Blue Buffalo Be Mine Bars Crunchy Dog Biscuits

These crunchy, festive snacks make sweet treats for your well-behaved pooch. Made with nutrient-packed blueberries, wholesome oats and tangy yogurt, the crunchy cookies are designed to be a tasty training treat. They contain no poultry byproducts, corn, wheat, soy or anything artificial, so they’re great for sensitive tummies.

“The average dry biscuit won’t cut it when it comes to training, especially when working on challenging behaviors like leash walking,” Schade says. “Training treats should be special enough to keep your dog's interest no matter the training environment. But remember to keep the treats small; training requires many repetitions, and you don't want your dog to make a meal of the goodies!”

The tasty biscuits contain added vitamin C for a health boost and omega-6 fatty acids to improve your pal’s skin and coat. And thanks to its resealable bag, you can share these made-in-the-USA goodies with your good dog after Valentine’s Day, too.

Find Blue Buffalo Be Mine Bars Crunchy Dog Biscuits here.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs


Frisco XOXO Dog & Cat Bandana

This fashion-forward pink pet bandana emblazoned with XOXO tells everyone that this cat’s or dog’s parents love them to the moon and back. Fun and festive for year-round wear, the one-size-fits-most bandanas are machine washable.

When outfitting your pal with a bandana, tie it comfortably around their neck—not too tight, and not too loose, Schade says.

“Bandanas should be sized so that your pet won’t trip on it or accidentally get a paw stuck in it,” she says. “It should fit loosely around the neck so that you can slip two fingers underneath it. And make sure that your pet doesn’t mind wearing the bandana. If your pet freezes the moment you put it on or rolls around in an attempt to squirm out of it, do them a favor and take it off.”

And remember—don’t leave the bandana around your pet’s neck when they’re unsupervised. Better to be safe than sorry!

Find the Frisco XOXO Dog & Cat Bandana here.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs


Frisco Valentine's Plush Heart Cat Toy

Without a doubt, your kitty has captured your heart, making this Valentine's Day cat toy the perfect gift. This set of three plush hearts is infused with catnip and has crinkle paper inside, so it’s designed to attract and then hold cats’ attention for some serious playtime.

Plus, the embroidered sayings, like “Purrrfect” and “Furever,” couldn’t be cuter.

Find the Frisco Valentine's Plush Heart Cat Toy here.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs


ZippyPaws Burrow Hide & Seek Heart Cookie Jar Dog Toy

Watching your furry best friend hunt and dig for “treats” in a plushy cookie jar will give you and your pal hours of fun! This Valentine’s Day-themed hide-and-seek toy challenges your dog to use their paw or mouth to retrieve heart-shaped toys from a stuffed cookie jar. When they pull one out, they’re rewarded with a squeak! You can add to the fun by using them as a toss-and-fetch toy.

Interactive toys like this keep you dog mentally stimulated and engaged, Schade says.

“Fun training tricks like ‘roll over’ or playing brain-engaging games like ‘find it’ can help to put a dent in canine energy levels,” she says. “Plus, playing brain games together improves your bond, so it's a win-win for both ends of the leash!”

This plushy Valentine’s Day gift for dogs is machine-washable, making it easy to use again and again year-round.

Find the ZippyPaws Burrow Hide & Seek Heart Cookie Jar Dog Toy here.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs


Red Dingo Breezy Love Cat Collar

Available in three colors and covered in hearts, this cat collar is right on theme for the holiday. It also features a fish-shaped buckle, as well as a tiny bell so you can always hear your cat wandering about.

Another benefit: This special Valentine’s Day cat gift is designed with a built-in release mechanism in case your kitty gets caught. This breakaway feature is important for their safety, says Victoria Schade, CPDT-KA and author of “Who Rescued Who.”

“A cat’s love of exploring can lead to dangerous situations when wearing a traditional collar since a buckle or snap-style collar can lead to accidental strangulation if it gets caught on something,” Schade says. “Breakaway collars release under pressure, which helps to keep curious cats safe.”

Find the Red Dingo Breezy Love Cat Collar here.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs


The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. I Ruff You Pup-Pie Dog Treat

Speaking of Valentine’s Day gifts for dogs, rather than giving your pal a heart-shaped box of chocolates (which is toxic to dogs), present your pup with a box of delicious—and good-for-them—cookies! This vegan, pie-shaped doggie dessert is made without dairy, soy, wheat, corn or genetically modified ingredients, making it a simple, delicious treat that you can feel good about giving, says Schade.

Topped with a dairy-free vanilla drizzle and sprinkled with colorful nonpareils, these treats are perfect for showing some love to your pal. But don’t let your dog eat all 10 pieces of the entire soft-bake pie in one sitting! Those delicious calories could spoil their dinner—and add unwanted pounds.

Find The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. I Ruff You Pup-Pie Dog Treat.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs


FriendshipCollar Puppy Love Dog Collar with Friendship Bracelet

A festive canine collar with a matching friendship bracelet for the dog parent? Sign us up! This matchy-matchy Valentine’s Day pet set for you and your puppy love lets you show just how connected the two of you are. Made with vegan “leather” material, they both glitter with gold-plated hardware to add a bit of bling.

The included bracelet is an adjustable one-size-fits-all, while the dog collar comes in five sizes to fit extra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large pups. You and your best friend can wear the matching set on special days—or all year long.

Find the FriendshipCollar Puppy Love Dog Collar with Friendship Bracelet here.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs


Loving Pets Bella Bowls for Dogs and Cats

Do you set your table with a tablecloth and the fancy china during special holidays? Well, why not do the same thing for your dog or cat? First up on our Valentine’s Day cat and dog gift guide is this special food bowl and/or water dish embellished with the symbol of love—hearts. It features a poly-resin exterior with an easy-to-sanitize stainless steel interior.

These bowls come in three sizes—small (1¾ cups), medium (3¼ cups) and large (6½ cups)—and are dishwasher safe. They also come with a removable rubber base to help prevent spills and cut down on the metal-on-the-floor noise, making them both fun and functional.

Find the Loving Pets Bella Bowls Pet Bowl here.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs


OmniPet Signature Leather Heart Dog Collar

For those with hearts devoted to their canine love, this 100-percent genuine leather dog collar offers both style and durability. This fantastic Valentine’s Day dog gift features shiny nickel hearts around the length of the collar, along with tough hardware and a D-ring to attach your matching leash.

The heart-adorned collar, which is proudly made in the USA, comes in four fabulous colors, including red, pink, black and blue, and in a range of sizes for just about every dog—including yours!

Find the OmniPet Signature Leather Heart Dog Collar here.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs


Whisker Lickin's Salmon Soft & Delicious Cat Treats

While we love the fun shapes of these cat treats (there’s even an on-theme Valentine’s Day heart!), kitties are also likely to love them for their yummy salmon flavor. These treats also feature a scrumptious soft texture that’s designed to be extra tantalizing to sensitive palates.

Find Whisker Lickin's Salmon Soft & Delicious Cat Treats here.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs


Frisco Plush Squeaking Bear Dog Toy

An iconic Valentine’s Day gift for pets and humans alike, huggable, lovable Teddy bears are perfect gifts to show how much you’re thinking of your loved one. These plushy bears have a secret treat inside just for dogs—a squeaker! They’re designed to be snuggled during naptime or squeaked and tossed for exercise fun.

“Dogs have exercise needs that go beyond the physical; in order to truly wear out a busy dog pet parents also have to work their dog’s brain,” Schade says.

These Valentine’s Day dog toys come in two sizes, so there’s a Teddy perfectly matched to your pal’s proportions. Remember to keep an eye on your pup while they’re playing, especially if they like to pull the noisemaker out of their toys!

Find the Frisco Plush Squeaking Bear Dog Toy.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs


Goody Box Pup-Fest Treats & Toys for Dogs

If you can’t decide on just one Valentine’s Day dog gift, check out Chewy’s Pup-Fest Goody Box. This gift box is chock full of handpicked items—including yummy dog treats, fun toys and even a bandana. It’s available in two variations, one for small dog breeds and one for medium pups, so you can be sure it’s perfectly suited to your pooch.

Find the Pup-Fest Goody Box here.

Of course, among the best Valentine’s gifts for dogs and cats is simply the gift of time. Your pets love you unconditionally and want to spend every second of their day with you—so give them what they really want! Spend extra time bonding with your four-legged love and celebrate Valentine’s Day with some fun Valentine’s Day dog toys and kitty presents, some delicious treats and contented snuggles.

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