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Top Constipation Remedies for Dogs

Constipation can be a sensitive matter for humans and animals alike. Although more prevalent in older dogs, it can happen to any pooch. According to Dr. Katy Nelson, petMD Veterinary Expert, “the most common cause of constipation in dogs is swallowing objects that are not easily digested.” But how can you be sure that dog constipation is what your pup is experiencing? Common causes can include old age, diet, lowered activity levels, dehydration or an internal blockage, but may also be a sign of a greater, underlying medical issue. Symptoms of a constipated dog include a lack of defecation over the span of a few days, excessive straining, extremely hard or dry stool or grass particles, and string or matted feces around the anal area. It’s important to be aware of the various causes of constipation to be able to identify the root of the problem. For pets prone to constipation, we’ve got you covered with the top remedies to get your furry pal back to feeling like his old self.

Prevention is the best strategy when it comes to keeping your pet healthy, so it’s important to be informed of ways to keep him feeling his best. An easy way to boost your dog’s digestive health is through his diet, and Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up! Dog & Cat Food Supplement Pouches are a great way to ensure your pooch is getting nutrients to support proper digestion. Made with pumpkin, which is high in water content and a good source of fiber, this simple daily supplement helps prevent and treat dog constipation.

Keeping your pet healthy is a critical component in maintaining a satisfied pup. When considering a regular regimen to avoid dog constipation, a daily supplement is a smart choice. The Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diet FortiFlora Probiotic Dog Supplement is a daily food additive that supports dietary management and promotes intestinal health. What better way to help your dog maintain a happy stomach than with a flavorful supplement that’s proven to promote a balanced immune system?

Animal lovers will agree that there’s nothing better than a happy pet. Dogs love yummy treats, so combining a tasty snack with a beneficial probiotic a no-brainer. Pet Naturals of Vermont Daily Probiotic Dog Chews are another great option to counter the potential causes of constipation, such as daily stressors. These duck-flavored chews are bite-sized and help support a healthy digestive and immune system, which leads to a healthy pup and worry-free pet parent.

It’s not always possible to prevent the myriad of causes that can lead to a constipated dog. For this reason, early detection of a potential problem is critical in providing our four-legged best friends the best possible care. Dealing with a constipated pet can be tough, especially since no one likes seeing their furry family member in pain or distress. To help ease digestion and maintain regular bowel movements, NaturVet Stool Ease Dog Soft Chews are a smart option. With natural fiber to boost your pup’s regularity, these healthy treats can have your dog feeling like a million bucks in no time.

Dog constipation can be unsettling for both pet and pet parent. It’s important to be observant when it comes to your dog’s actions, as he can’t tell you when he is in pain or feeling ill. “Constipation in dogs should not be ignored, as extended periods of distress can cause serious health concerns,” says Nelson. Daily, nutrient-rich chews and supplements can help keep a healthy pooch on the right track in terms of easy digestion and overall health. But, if you suspect your pooch is suffering from dog constipation, or a greater underlying issue, be sure to seek advice from your veterinarian regarding the best course of action before making any changes to your dog’s diet or health routine.