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The Best Cat Names: 225 Cute, Funny and Unique Cat Names

When my daughter turned 5, we rescued a cat from the local shelter and let her claim naming rights. She dubbed our kitty Whiskers, on account of her profuse feline bristles. It may not have been the most original, but it was the best cat name for our pet.

Now that you have your very own kitty, you’re probably searching for the best cat names around to come up with one for your new pet. Do you name your cat after a distinguishing feature, like the color of their fur? Or do you pick a unique name that no other feline you know is bound to have?

Luckily, you have many choices. To find the moniker that’s just right for your kitty, browse the list of top cat names below. See what jumps out at you—maybe it’s a name inspired by “Harry Potter,” by a food or by your favorite holiday. Whatever name you pick, it’ll be just right, the same way Whiskers was for our beloved cat.

Best Girl Cat Names

When it comes to female cat names, you’ve got so many choices. Take a stroll through the baby name lists for some good picks for girl cat names, or look to nature (think flowers) for inspiration for female cat names.


The name means “beautiful” in Italian and Spanish, so it’s purrfect for your kitty.


The name means “star,” and your feline is more than ready for her leading role in your life.


It’s a name favored by British novelists like Thomas Hardy and J.K. Rowling, who knew a good name when they heard one.


Ella Fitzgerald, the great jazz artist, was known for her improvised scat singing. No, it’s got nothing to do with cats, but it still makes a great name!


It’s used as a nickname for names like Alexandra and Natasha, so here are two girl cat names for the price of one.


The name means “life” in Greek, and that’s what your new kitty will bring to your household.


The flower is toxic to cats, but you can keep the blooms out of your home while still bestowing the name on your precious pet.


Another flower name that is a pretty pick for a cat.

Rose or Rosie

Roses are associated with love, and so is your pet.


Zelda Fitzgerald was the “It girl” in the 1920s, and your female feline certainly will be a celebrity in your household.


Many Roxies (or Roxys) are actually Roxannes, but the name is from Persia and means “dawn,” so it’s a great fit for Persian cats.


Emma Thompson is a no-nonsense British actor with a keen sense of humor, and that may describe your cat, too.


Short for Beatrix, the name comes from Latin and means “she who brings happiness.”


This used to be a popular name for girls long ago (like the fourth First Lady Dolley Madison) so it may make a good cat name.


Maybe your cat will live up to her name?


You can use this version for your cat, or take off the “a” and name her Tess.

Sofia or Sophia

This is originally a Greek name meaning “wisdom,” and really, there is nothing wiser than a cat.


An alternative spelling to the name Leah, and one that will look pretty on your cat’s tag.


Place names are hot for two-legged babies, but they fit just as well for four-legged ones. And nothing is hotter than Brooklyn! This could also work for a boy cat name.

Best Boy Cat Names

Looking for male cat names? Picks from popular baby names and trendy actors are good places to start!


Yes, it’s a really popular name among pooch owners, and for good reason: It means “greatest.” You can also use the original Roman version, Maximus. Maximus Cat does have a certain ring to it!


This lovely name comes from Ireland and means “courageous.”


Or you can just cut to the chase and call your boy cat Ollie.


The most famous Luke is Luke Skywalker, making this a cool cat name for pet parents who are into “Star Wars.

Zack, Zach or Zac

For fans of famous Zacharys like Zac Efron and Zach Galifianakis.


James might be too formal a name for your pet, but Jamie has a relaxed vibe to it.


This is a name derived from last names (Fitzgerald, Fitzwilliam) but it’s short and sweet, like your cat.


It’s a popular baby boy’s name (and the name of Kate Hudson’s son), but it’s a great male cat name, too.


Jake has a cool vibe to it, and used to mean “OK” a century ago when your grandparents (or great-grandparents) were using slang.


Yes, Mickey Mouse is a rodent, not a cat, but there’s something spunky about this name, and that makes it a good cat name, too.


It’s the shorter version of Alexander and Alexis, and it means “defender of men” in Greek.


Some experts think cats respond best to “ee” sounds, and this name has that!


Is your cat built like a truck? Well, name him after this truck manufacturing company.


Another name that uses the “ee” sound, which is guaranteed to get your cat’s attention (or as close to a guarantee as you can get!).

Nico (or Nick)

You may want to name your cat Nico, short for Nicolas (or Nicholas), a name meaning “victory of the people.”


The name conjures up lions, the big cat-cousins of your new pet.

Best Cat Names Based on Fur Colors

Black Cat Names


That’s “black” in Italian, as well as an infamous Roman emperor.


The name connotes darkness, like your cat’s dark fur.


Another synonym for “black,” and also, with two T’s, a fitting tribute to rocker Joan Jett.


Referring to a tree with black or very dark brown wood, the word is now used as a synonym for black.


A gemstone that’s known for its shiny black color.


The bird that appears in Edgar Allen Poe’s poem quoting “Nevermore,” and known for its shiny black feathers.


This is the word for “black” in the Basque language, but it makes a nifty name for a cat!


A dark time of night, and a great black cat name!


A great black cat name for those who follow you around the house.


It’s not the sweetest candy around, but the color of original black licorice fits your black cat’s fur.

Orange Cat Names


It’s Portuguese for “orange,” and if you’re looking for a unique cat name, it fits the bill.


This herb gives a golden orange-yellow color to foods when you cook with it, and certainly can be classified as a cool cat name.


This tropical fruit is orange on the inside, and makes a sweet orange cat name for your new pet.


Another tropical fruit that’s reddish orange, and can be used as a girl cat name or a boy cat name.


More orange-fleshed fruit that can be used as an orange cat name.


Yes, it’s a reddish or pinkish form of orange, but it has a pretty ring to it, especially if you use it as a girl cat name.


Cara Cara navel oranges are hybrids of navel oranges found in Venezuela, and all delicious, like your furball.


These little hybrid oranges make a great orange cat name for your tabby.


Another word for redheads, both male and female.


A candy beloved by grandparents, who will coo over your cat, too.


A slightly bitter jam made of oranges. Of course, your cat will be more sweet than bitter.


The bouncy, orange tiger in “Winnie the Pooh” movies and books might describe your lovely cat.


Another gemstone that is a yellow-orange color, which can look like your cat’s eyes or her fur.

Black-and-White Cat Names


Checkerboards are often black and white, just like your black-and-white cat.


These cookies are black on the outside, white on the inside.


The ace of spades and clubs are black and white, making this a pawsome black-and-white cat name for your feline.


Of course, these desserts aren’t just made with vanilla ice cream smothered in chocolate sauce, but the classic sundae makes a good cat name.


These tiles are black and white, so why not chose this moniker for your black-and-white cat?


If you want to name your black-and-white cat after another black-and-white animal and zebra just won’t cut it, this cute bear might do the trick.


This black-and-white formal attire makes an elegant black-and-white cat name.


The famous black-and-white cat from the old “Looney Tunes” cartoons who was constantly being outwitted by Tweety bird.


Another black-and-white animal, not to be confused with penguins.

Dot or Dottie

Polka dots are often black and white, like your cat!


This fierce whale is black and white, and your cat is probably fierce, too (especially around mealtimes).

Gray Cat Names


A classy way of honoring your cat’s fur color, and an excellent gray cat name.


The Spanish word for “silver.”

Ash or Ashley

Ashes are gray, just like your cat!


Italian for “gray,” and if you’re a wine drinker, you’ll dig this name, too.


Spanish for “dove” (which can be gray or white), so a great girl cat name for your feminine feline.


We know you won’t be smoking around your cat (it’s bad for them), but you can certainly give them a name that calls up the color gray.


Stormy days are gray, so this may be just the right gray cat name for your kitty.


Raindrops don’t really have a color, but the days accompanying rain are gray.


Fog often looks gray, and according to the Carl Sandburg poem, “fog comes creeping on little cat feet.”


Right before night begins the sky is a shade of gray.

White Cat Names

Blanca or Blanco

The Spanish words for “white.” Blanca is a female cat name, while Blanco makes an awesome boy cat name.


The French word for “white.”


A type of stone (like marble), which is frequently white.


A gemstone that’s often white or cream colored.


It’s a myth that cats need milk (though they’ll drink it), but why not name your cat after this white beverage?


If you get your new pet in the winter, this may make a good white cat name!


Another word for the white keys on the piano.


The Spanish word for “milk.”


This friendly cartoon ghost was white, too!


The word for “snow” in Finnish.


When frost covers the ground, it turns the grass a ghostly shade of white.


This white food is perfect for your cat’s name, even though they’d never touch the stuff!


Short for coconut, which is white on the inside.


It’s white and sweet, just like your new kitty.


This milky white gem is October’s birthstone, and is said to have healing powers, just like your cat!

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Best Cute Cat Names

Maybe you want an adorable name that makes people go, “Aww.” Well, take a look at this list of cute cat names and see if something grabs you.

Kit Kat

Sure, it’s a chocolate bar, but it’s great moniker for your cat.


Cute as a button of course, and so is your cat.


If your cat has a sparkling personality (or you like sparkling wines or drinks), then this name is for you.


Yes, you can name your tabby cat after this orange gourd, and it also fits cats who come into your life in the fall.


Another cute moniker, especially if your cat is on the small side or a Munchkin cat breed.


A sweet found on beach boardwalks, and great name for a girl cat.


One of the Teletubbies. If that’s not cute, what is?


These mythical beings are similar to elves, and are associated with cuteness (like the pixie cut).


A sweet treat and an example of cute cat names.


Another name that will get your cat’s attention (again featuring that double “ee” sound at the end).


Your fave breakfast treat becomes an adorable name for your new pet.


It’s not just for Christmas! Use it when you’re looking for different kitten names.


Broadcast your love of soft fur, especially if your feline is a long-haired cat.


Inspired by their adorable toe beans!

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Best Unique Cat Names

As a new pet parent, you might want to pick a name that is different enough to signal how uncommon your kitty is. So, here are some unique cat names that will accomplish that goal.

Mr./Ms. Fluffypants Longtail

For a truly unique cat name, you can create a formal name based on your cat’s unique physical attributes.

General Furrington

Create a descriptive last name and add a military rank for a unique cat name that sounds rather authoritative.


Like the famous magician, your cat just may be a master of the disappearing act.


This English surname is fairly common among humans, but would make a unique cat name.


From Greek mythology, Atlas is the god who bore the weight of the world on his shoulders. Not that we want to burden your cat with anything, but it is cool cat name.


Cats are wise, so taking a name from the Greek goddess of wisdom and war makes purrfect sense.


One of the Greek heroes of the Trojan war.


The ancient Greeks considered Gaia to be Mother Earth, so if you are an eco-minded pet parent, this may be the name for you.


Convinced your kitty is a genius? Well, this is the name for you!


The capital city of Wyoming (and cities and counties throughout the west) takes its name from a Native American tribe.


The nickname for this Western state is “The Treasure State,” and that’s what your cat is, a treasure!

Quintana Roo

A state in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, and a good example of a unique cat name. Shorten to Roo for a cute cat nickname.


Another state in Mexico that may strike your fancy.


This state in Brazil is known for its laid-back vibe, its beaches, and as the birthplace of samba. So, give it a try for your cat (or just call her Samba).

Best Siamese Cat Names

These Asian cats are thought to have come from Thailand, which was originally known as Siam, and kept by royalty.


This green stone was originally found in China, Southeast Asia and India, and would be a great Siamese cat name.

Jim Jum

What better way to honor your cat’s heritage than to name them after this Thai soup?


A flower found in Thailand, and a very pretty name for your female Siamese.


The word for “jasmine” in Thai, if you’re looking for an unusual Siamese cat name.


Some Siamese cats have a lilac tinge to their pale fur and are actually called lilac point Siamese.

King or Queenie

In honor of their Siamese royal roots, give them a regal name.

Prince or Princess

The name connotes those royal roots, and if you’ve got a lilac point boy Siamese, Prince (after the late great “The Purple One”) will be on point.


An homage to your Siamese’s baby blue eyes.


Again, this can refer to your Siamese cat’s lilac-tinged fur or those beautiful blue eyes.


Another nod to your Siamese cat’s blue eyes, as lapis lazuli is a blue stone.


The current ruling dynasty of Thailand can serve as a great Siamese cat name.


Means “fried” in Thai and is a word found in famous Thai dishes (like pad Thai).


Traditional Siamese cats have cream- or tawny-colored fur, as well as feet and paws.


Another way of paying tribute to your cat’s gorgeous baby blues.


Another word that means cream or beige, which is the color of traditional Siamese cat’s fur.

Best Disney Cat Names

There are plenty of Disney fanatics who are also fans of furry felines. Here are a few names that let you combine those passions.


This is the Disney cat name belonging to the gray kitten who plays the piano in the movie “The Artistocats.


The black-and-white pet cat who belongs to Geppetto in “Pinocchio.”


The mother of Berlioz and his sister Marie in “The Artistocats.


Sergeant Tibbs helped Pongo and Perdita rescue their pups in “101 Dalmatians.”


The cat in “The Rescuers.”


The cat who belongs to Alice in “Alice in Wonderland.”


The street cat who falls for upper-class Duchess in “The Artistocats.


The orange kitten and oldest child of Duchess in “The Artistocats.


Berlioz and Toulouse’s white-furred, pink-bowed sister in “The Artistocats.


The cat in “Big Hero 6.”


The cute cat featured in “Oliver & Company.”


Referring to perhaps the most well-known Disney cat, this name belongs to the cocky cub who grows into the titular character in “The Lion King.”


Simba’s female counterpart in “The Lion King.”


The Italian alley cat in “The Artistocats.

Best Cat Pun Names

There’s nothing like a pun to make people smile, so try one of these cat pun names for your favorite feline.

Salmon Rushdie

A play on author Salman Rushdie, and maybe your cat’s favorite fish.

Meow Farrow or Meow Hamm

Named for actor Mia Farrow and athlete Mia Hamm.


Satchmo was the nickname for jazz great Louis Armstrong.


A play on the name Katrina.

Cat Whineslet

Actress Kate Winslet gets her name put through the cat pun meter. And admit it: Your cat’s vocalizations can sound like whining, especially close to dinnertime.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mouse-art

For, who else, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Cat Spayed

You might have a Kate Spade bag in your closet.


A play on the name Claudia.

Santa Claws

You don’t have to call your cat by their full name. Just use Claws.

Litter Abner

“Li'l Abner” was a comic strip that ran for about 40 years, from 1934 until 1977, featuring the adventures of Little Abner Yokum of Dogpatch.

Alexander Puss-kin

Alexander Pushkin was a famous 19th century Russian poet and novelist.

Furry Elise

“Für Elise” might be one of Beethoven’s best-known piano pieces, beloved at student piano recitals everywhere.

Hairy Potter

Purrfect for a long-haired cat

Anthony Scratch-a-mucci

Perfect for political pet parents, this name references the former White House communications director who’s nicknamed “The Mooch.”

Don Drapurr

If “Mad Men” had been cast with cats instead of humans, this character would be the star.

Best Cat Names from Movies

These cats had starring roles in feature films. Why not reuse these cat names from movies for the new leading kitty tearing up the red carpet (maybe literally) in your home? (See above for more Disney-inspired names and below for “Harry Potter” inspired names.)


The pet of Primrose Everdeen in “The Hunger Games” (2012).


The feline sidekick in “Harry and Tonto” (1974).


The Siamese in that “That Darn Cat!” (1965)


The cat starring in “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey” (and voiced by Sally Field) (1993).


The cat featured in “Keanu” (2016), starring Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key.


The pet feline in the Japanese animated film, “Kiki’s Delivery Service” (1989).

Fat Louie

The cat belonging to Anne Hathaway’s character in “The Princess Diaries” (2001).


The feline sidekick from “The Adventures of Milo and Otis” (1986).


The tiger in “Aladdin” (1992).


The name of the cat in the Halloween classic, “Hocus Pocus” (1993).


The white Persian cat in “Stuart Little” (1999).


The movie “Cats” came out at the end of 2019, and it’s a good source for finding cat names from movies. Here are some of them:

  • Gus
  • Demeter
  • Cassandra
  • Socrates
  • Plato
  • Alonzo

Best “Harry Potter” Cat Names

There are so many names from the J.K. Rowling-written series to choose from. Here’s a sampling of the best “Harry Potter” cat names:


Name your cat after the hero of the series, Harry Potter.


The giant caretaker of Hogwarts.


One of Harry’s best and smartest friends at Hogwarts.


Sirius Black was Harry’s godfather.


Ludo Bagman was a character in the books, but not the movie. He is a wizard who works for the Ministry of Magic.


The name of Hermione’s cat.

Cho Chang

A Ravenclaw and Quidditch player as well as Harry’s girlfriend (briefly).


The name of one of the four houses at Hogwarts.


A “Harry Potter” cat name that comes from Fleur Delacour, who was Beauxbatons' champion in the Triwizard Tournament.


The house elf.


Draco Malfoy is not a sympathetic character, but the name is a great one for a cat.


The name of Dumbledore’s phoenix could also be used for your cat.


Percy Weasley’s owl can also turn into a name for your cat.


Minerva McGonagall is the Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts, who can turn into a cat.

Mrs. Norris

The name of Argus Filch’s cat.


The name of a Hogwarts student, Padma Patil, who attended the Yule Ball with Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and her twin sister, Parvati.


The name of Ron Weasley’s pet rat.


One of Hogwarts’ most famous teachers is Severus Snape, and was Harry’s nemesis.


The name of Neville Longbottom’s pet toad.

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Best Funny Cat Names

Ready to make ’em laugh? These funny cat names will show off your sense of humor.

Chonk the Destroyer

If your cat is on the heavier side, this would make a great funny cat name. It would be even funnier once you help your plus-sized kitty shed the extra weight.

Fish Sticks

Fish is a favorite food of cats, but we wouldn’t recommend giving your cat any fish sticks. Only giving them the name Fish Sticks is advisable.


The name of a fish (really!)


A play on whisper, but you can call your cat Whispy for short.


This fish-inspired name is funny and pretty at the same time (and also references “Porgy and Bess,” the name of an opera by George Gershwin).

You’ll find more funny pet names by checking out this list!

Best Popular Cat Names

What makes for a popular cat name? Anything from trends in popular culture to historical names experiencing a modern resurgence. Check out these popular cat names, which are among the most common amongst customers.


A simple, sturdy name, whether as a nickname for Jackson or an homage to the actor Jack Nicholson.


A Greek name connected to the goddess Demeter, Chloe is one of the most popular cat names around.


Is it any wonder cat parents name their pets after the strong and exotic tiger? Many add a “Winnie the Pooh” twist to the name, too, calling their cat Tigger.


What better name for your new bestie?


You may wonder why anybody would name their cat after a villain, but some Marvel fans will argue that Thor’s brother is just misunderstood.

Find more popular pet names here.

Best Food Names for Cats

Cats have favorite foods, and you do too—so why not use some edible inspiration when naming your kitty? Here are a few food names for cats to get you started:


This name has a chic ring to it, and will make your cat (and you) seem sophisticated.


A delicious way and name to celebrate the sweet addition to your home!


Liquor isn’t exactly a food, but close enough. And this name can serve as a shorter form of Whiskers.


These fruits are like apples, and serve as a unisex name for both girls and boys.


The national liquor in Chile and Peru can make for a unique cat name.


Coffee lovers, this is the name for your cat!

If these names don’t satisfy your appetite, go down this list of food names for pets.

Best Halloween Cat Names

You don’t have to have a black cat to find creative holiday-themed names that will be perfect for your new feline. One trick: Look to movies and TV shows to find Halloween cat names.


Well, the name speaks for itself, especially if your cat mysteriously appears and disappears from rooms.


In the “Harry Potter” series, Moaning Myrtle is the ghost that appears in the girls’ bathroom.


In the “Harry Potter” series, Nearly Headless Nick is the ghost that haunts Gryffindor.

Winifred Sanderson

One of the witches in the movie “Hocus Pocus” (1993), played by Bette Midler.


The sea witch in “The Little Mermaid.”

Need more creative ideas for names based on this eerie holiday? Find them in this list of Halloween cat names.

Best Christmas Cat Names

Maybe you’re getting your kitten around the holidays and want to honor your furry family member with a name that will recall their homecoming. If so, take a look at these Christmas cat names:


The place where Joseph and Mary came from, and returned, after their baby’s birth in Bethlehem.


Yes, he was a famous TV character (“Cheers,” “Frasier”) but it’s also the name of a popular choice for Christmas trees, the Fraser fir, which is spelled with the I.

Tiny Tim

If your furball is on the smallish side, you can’t go wrong with this name from Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”


You can’t get through winter without these, whether they’re for rain or for the white fluffy stuff.


After figgy pudding, a holiday dessert that also goes by the name of plum or Christmas pudding. And no, it’s not a custard, but a cake, soaked in rum or brandy.

Get more creative choices for Christmas names for pets.