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Why Were Pugs Bred?


I’ve heard that different breeds of dogs were originally bred for a specific purpose. Can you tell me what Pugs were bred for?


Pugs were bred to be the companions of royalty. They originated in the Far East and can be traced back to the first century B.C. They were considered a royal dog in China, owned by aristocrats and bestowed as precious gifts – rather than sold – to rulers in foreign countries.

It is believed that Holland was the first European country to see Pugs. William III and Mary II left Holland for Great Britain in 1688 to ascend the throne and took their beloved Pugs with them. The Pugs were outfitted in orange ribbons in honor of the House of Orange.

Having been bred for companionship from the beginning, Pugs take the job seriously. They are loving clowns and charmers who endeared themselves to nobility and commoners alike. Once a Pug owner, always a Pug owner; their supporters over the years have included royalty, the immortal singer Lena Horne, and the vaudeville great and queen of the red-hot mamas, Sophie Tucker.

By: Chewy Editorial

Featured Image: Via studio37th/Shutterstock