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The Best Shows and Movies for Pet Parents to Stream Right Now

While we’re all looking for ways to be entertained and inspired right now, we thought we’d do you a bit of a public service and check out what’s good on TV. We watched more than 20 hours of programming (OK, it was not that much of a sacrifice) in order to find the most paw-some shows and movies for pet parents and animal lovers to stream.

Here’s how we chose the best shows and movies to stream on a scale of one to three paws:

  • One Paw: It’s a good light watch and worthy of you pressing play—even if you’re doing something else while watching it, like cleaning out your inbox.
  • Two Paws: It’s a bona fide hit and deserving of your undivided attention, so break out the popcorn and curl up on the couch for some quality TV time.
  • Three Paws: Stop. What. You. Are. Doing. And. Watch. This. Right. Meow.

Grab the remote and invite your four-legged bestie to snuggle up. Let’s binge some (good for you) TV.


Via Netflix

“Our Planet”

From icy tundras to verdant jungles, this original Netflix series featuring everyone’s favorite naturalist (and dreamed-of high school science teacher) Sir David Attenborough takes you on location to some of the most beautifully unique landscapes on Earth. With stunning images and sounds of the natural world, it might even capture your pets’ attention. Unlike some other nature series, this one carries with it a conservationist message, and invites viewers to visit the “Our Planet” website for ways to help preserve these habitats. So, you can enjoy nature and learn how to help protect it all from your couch. Win-win.

  • Streaming on: Netflix
  • Rating: Three paws
  • Recommended for: Fans of the BBC’s “Planet Earth,” “Blue Planet” and “Frozen Planet”—basically all the planet shows.
what to stream - growing up wild

Via Netflix

“Growing Up Wild”

Two words: Baby. Animals. “Growing Up Wild” is like “Our Planet” but ups the cute factor. This full-length nature documentary follows babies from five animal families—cheetahs, lions and chimpanzees in Africa, toque macaques in Sri Lanka, and bears in Alaska—as they grow up and learn how to be independent despite many threats and challenges. And YOU thought adulting was hard.

  • Streaming on: Netflix
  • Rating: Three paws
  • Recommended for: People who like the “Planet Earth” and “Our Planet” series but always thought they should include more baby animals.

Via Catwalk/Facebook

“Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit”

Drama. Perfectly coifed hair. High stakes. Frenemies. No, we’re not talking about “The Bachelor” but rather a search for beauty of the four-legged variety. This delightful documentary follows two fur-bulous felines—Bobby the Turkish Angora and Oh La La the Persian—as they compete to be crowned Canada’s top cat. It’s packed with over-the-top personalities, heartwarming moments, and just the right amount of cattiness (see what we did there?). “Catwalk” is a real winner.

  • Streaming on: Netflix
  • Rating: Three paws
  • Recommended for: Pageant moms, fans of the cult classic mockumentary “Best in Show,” anyone who loves a floofy cat.

Via Netflix


Cats rule the interwebs. Everyone knows that. But do you know how they became the undisputed lords of cyberspace? This 90-minute documentary tells the tale of how cats became online icons, from the first cat memes (enter lolspeak and lots of kittehs asking if they can haz a cheezburger) to today’s internationally famous felines (enter the celebri-cats like Grumpy Cat #RIP, Nala Cat and Pudge). By the end of this movie, you’ll want to start an Instagram account for your own cat, if they don’t already have one.

  • Streaming on: Netflix
  • Rating: Two paws
  • Recommended for: People who love a good cat meme, cat parents trying to make it as social media influencers.
what to stream - finding enmo

Via Disney+

“Finding Nemo”

Longing for a time when life wasn’t so complicated and your biggest concern was what they were serving for lunch in the cafeteria? (Oh, please let it be chicken nuggets and not sloppy joes again.) Dive back into the past with this Disney classic about a little lost orange fish named Nemo and his dad’s journey to find him. (Bonus: You can find the sequel “Finding Dory” on Disney+, too, to make it a proper bingefest). Let the nostalgia wash over you like a warm blanket.

  • Streaming on: Disney+
  • Rating: Two paws
  • Recommended for: Anyone who is so ready for 2020 to be over.
Best TV shows to stream - Animals Doing Things via IMDB

Via Hulu

“Howie Mandel’s Animals Doing Things”

“Animals Doing Things” is like an animals-only version of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” There’s dancing dogs. Cats knocking stuff over just because they can. Animals riding on top of other animals. Peppered among the humorous clips are educational tidbits from animal experts. It’s probably more of a passive watching experience than some of the other programs on this list—think background entertainment while you clean the house or run on the treadmill—but it beats watching the news these days.

  • Streaming on: Hulu
  • Rating: One paw
  • Recommended for: People looking for something easy to watch while working from home; parents who need to keep their kids busy; fans of viral animal videos.

Happy Watching!

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