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The Benefits of Freeze-Dried Pet Food

Of course you want the best food for your pets. And if you choose to feed your pet a raw diet, it can be tricky to find an option that is nutritious, convenient and within your budget. While you may run into people who swear by raw diets for their furry companions, it’s not as simple as tossing a few chicken breasts into your pet’s bowl. It requires a lot of planning, preparation and different kinds of meats, muscles and bones to give your dog or cat the nutrients they need. It can easily get very expensive and time-consuming quickly. One of the latest trends that can help to address these raw-diet complications is freeze-dried dog food and cat food, as these options can offer the benefits of a raw diet without all the hassle.

What Is a Freeze-Dried Diet?

With freeze-dried foods, such as Stella & Chewy’s Chicken Dinner Patties or Primal’s Chicken Formula Nuggets, the raw ingredients are exposed to extremely low temperatures and pressure to remove all the moisture and seal the product tight. This process acts as a natural preservative for the food, keeping it free from chemicals or additives. When you feed it to you dog or cat, you usually need to add some water or other liquid, like chicken broth, to the food to give it back its moisture.

What Are the Benefits?

High-protein diets are exactly what dogs and cats were meant to eat, but you should always check with your vet before introducing a new diet to your pet.

Raw meat, bones and marrow are nutritious and can improve coat quality, boost energy levels and decrease allergic reactions. But raw diets can also be very costly and complicated to prepare. They also require a lot of food storage and raw food handling, which means bacteria can spread easily throughout the home.

Freeze-dried foods solve the problem by combining the benefits of raw diets with the convenience of kibble. You don’t have to worry about the mess of a raw bone getting everywhere or negotiating with the butcher for organ meat; the dog food and cat food are already completely and properly balanced for optimal nutrition. Freeze-dried foods also last a long time. Most foods can be stored for several weeks, saving you from having to make lots of trips to the grocery store to pick up more meat.

Which Pets Benefit the Most From Freeze-Dried Food?

Most animals benefit from freeze-dried food, but for some pets, it can be especially helpful. If you have a pet that is constantly itchy or always has dry and flaking skin, switching to a freeze-dried food can relieve the dryness and make the skin and coat soft and smooth. If your pet always seems to have allergies and is lethargic, freeze-dried diets may give him more energy and can help him avoid common allergy-inducing ingredients found in many dry foods. While raw and freeze-dried diets can benefit many pets, some vets do caution that it is not the best option for all animals, so check in with your pet’s vet before making any big changes to his existing diet.

With raw foods, you get a lot of benefits, but the process is labor-intensive and expensive. Freeze-dried foods are a great compromise, offering a good balance of nutrients for your pet while making it easy and convenient for you.

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