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What Dogs Are Grateful For vs. What Cats Are Grateful For This Thanksgiving

Now that Thanksgiving is coming up again, it’s time to get together with family, give back and, of course, reflect on what we’re grateful for. And while there are many reasons why we’re grateful (our pets being a big reason!), there are many reasons why our pets are grateful, too. Check out the video below to learn what these Thanksgiving dogs and cats have to say about what they’re grateful for this year.

What Dogs Are Thankful For:

Pups are often easily excitable and pleased—toss them a tennis ball and scratch them behind the ears, and they're happy! But your Thanksgiving dog is probably especially grateful for the below treats.

  • Food!
  • People!
  • When people come home!
  • Ball toys!
  • Family!


What Cats Are Thankful For:

Some may say that cats can be self-centered, but we have no doubts that your feline compainion is thankful for you and everything you provide them with—especially the following simple pleasures.

  • Delectable meals.
  • Solitude and quite reflection.
  • Windows.
  • High-tech cat toys.
  • Family.