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Halloween Dog Names: 50+ Spooky Dog Names for Halloween Lovers

It can be difficult coming up with inspiration for naming your new dog. If you have a dog who was born or adopted in October, or if you just happen to really love Halloween, one of these Halloween dog names may be the perfect fit.

Halloween Dog Names


Seasonal and sweet, this synonym for fall makes a great dog name.


Perfect for a dog with bat-like ears (or a batty personality).


A good name for a mean-looking dog—and possibly an even better ironic name for a sweet little fluffball.

Bogey or Bogeyman

The perfect name for pups who go bump in the night.


As in skeleton bones (as well as the bones your dog loves to chew).


The classic Halloween expression of surprise doubles as a sweet nickname for your new dog.


The perfect complement to any pet parent with a witchy side.


Whether you’re a clown or a witch, this dog brings laughter to your life.


From vampires to superheroes, capes are always in style at Halloween.


As in pumpkin-carver!


Name your sweet pet after this trick-or-treating prize.

Candy Corn

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that candy corn is an unmissable part of the Halloween experience. Learn how to make a dog-friendly version of candy corn.


Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble! This reference to a witch’s stirring pot comes with a cute nickname: Caullie.

Personalization pet shop Personalization pet shop


Another dramatic piece of Halloween fashion, and a sleek Halloween dog name.


Some dogs have clown-like facial markings. Others just have a funny personality. This is a perfect Halloween dog name for both.


It can be gross and shocking to encounter real cobwebs, but as a Halloween dog name, Cobweb is just the right amount of spooky.


Give your dog this name, and you can exclaim, “Jeepers, Creeper!” all year long.


Did your dog cast a love spell on you? Name them after stones often used by witches to enhance spells.


Better hope your dog’s behavior doesn’t match this name!


The name of the best-known vampire doubles as a great Halloween dog name—especially for pets with noticeable fangs.


A synonym for strange and frightening, this name perfectly sums up the Halloween experience.


A reference to the “Mistress of the Dark,” TV hostess Elvira who became popular in the 1980s.


Your dog probably has ‘em, so why not?


This spooky mist just might be the perfect name for your new dog.


Dr. Frankenstein, of course, created the famous green-faced, bolt-necked monster.


This Tim Burton film tells the story of young Victor Frankenstein, who brings his dog Sparky back to life.


Fitting for a spooky pup—or one who’s easily frightened.


Some dog breeds, such as French Bulldogs, have facial features similar to gargoyles.


An ideal Halloween dog name for a pup who’s all white.


These monsters are typically small and mischievous. Does that sound like your dog?


The spooky creatures of 1980s movie fame.

Halloween or Halloweenie

Why not go literal? After all, Halloweenie is a great name for a Dachshund.


If your pup follows you everywhere you go, you could claim they’re “haunting” you.


And if you adopted dog siblings, you can name the other one Pocus.


This one speaks for itself—or howls for itself, rather!

Jack or Jack-o-Lantern

A common name that takes on added meaning during Halloween.


Perfect for a dog with a talent for snarling or growling.


Referencing the mummified remains of ancient Egyptians.


A great Halloween dog name, whether or not you live on Elm Street.


Not all omens are bad, after all.


This Halloween name could refer to a pumpkin patch, or to a unique marking on your dog’s fur (or both!)


Hocus’ brother or sister (see above).


You can shorten this reference to witches’ magic brews to a cute nickname: Po.


A cute name inspired by the season’s most ubiquitous food.


A chilling, appropriate name for dogs who are all-black, like the bird.


No one wants to meet the Grim Reaper. But a dog named Reaper’s another story!


Appropriate for gray or black pups—or for dogs who are always at your side.


They’re spooky to humans, but who knows? To your dog, a skeleton might just look like a pile of great things to chew.


As in Jack Skellington, lead character in the film “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”


Is your pup small and black? Spider might be just the right fit for a name.


At Halloween, the name Spirit might sound spooky; for the rest of the year, it might just be an apt name for an energetic pup.


What better name for a Halloween dog?


It’s a treat to be around your dog, of course. (Just be prepared to come up with another name for training rewards.)


A good sibling name to Treat, or a standalone name for a dog with tricks up their sleeve.


Will your dog transform into a wolf-beast on the full moon? Keep ‘em guessing.


After Jack Skellington’s ghostly dog in “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”


This is a popular character at Halloweentime—and a great name for dogs with big ears.


The name of these spooky undead characters doubles as a great Halloween dog name.

If these Halloween pet names aren’t spooky enough for you, there are also dog names inspired by horror movies, including some scary dog names like Jigsaw, Regan and Samara.

Getting Into the Halloween Spirit

This spooky and fun holiday is the perfect opportunity to get your pup involved with the celebration. From treats to crafts to costumes, there’s something festive for everyone… and every dog!

Your pup might enjoy Halloween-themed dog treats—after a trick, of course! Whip up this frozen homemade dog treat based on a classic Halloween candy.

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Give your pet a spooky shelter to haunt all month long with this DIY dog house.

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Invite all your fellow Halloween loving friends and family—and their canine companions—and host a dog Halloween party. Get the party how-to here.

And don’t forget all of the cute Halloween dog costumes out there. Check out these dog and human “couples costumes” to get your creative juices flowing.

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