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Rottweiler Proves She’s Basically A Giant Baby When She Plays With Little Human

You’ve probably witnessed this unwritten law of nature: siblings fight. They fight early, and they fight often. So when a Rottweiler and a baby played a game of who-gets-the-toy in a Rumble video, posted by megadesn, it wasn’t a surprise. It just went to show that the Rottie was as big of a baby as the tiny person.

“Esther the Rottweiler loves to play with 15-month-old Silas,” the video caption reads. “She couldn’t be gentler with him. He can take anything out of her mouth or climb all over this dog!”

Sure, it might look like play, but Esther might be vying for her parents’ attention in competition with little Silas. Soon, they’ll be trying to outperform each other in the school play and sabotaging one another at the dinner table. Enjoy this moment you’re calling “gentle.” When Esther starts blaming Silas for broken stuff around the house, you might be posting a different video.

By: Anastasia Thrift