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Puppies Watch a Scary Dog Halloween Movie

Grab your pup-corn—this dog Halloween party is one for the books, or the big screens! These fur babies sure know how to keep busy while their pet parents are out trick-or-treating.

Who doesn’t love Halloween movies in October, or cute puppy videos any time of year? It’s like puppies in costumes—you can never get enough.

The house cam caught all of the action, and it’s as cute as you’d expect! These pups looked like they loved the scary movie and had a Halloween night to remember. It’s sure to be one of the cute puppy videos you’ll remember.

We got in touch with the pet parents who caught this exclusive footage, and they have informed us that all these pups do on the weekends now is get together and watch Halloween-inspired cute puppy videos, back to back. We don’t blame them; it’s easy to get on the bandwagon of all the spooky—and cute— movie fun!

Posted by: Chewy Editorial