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Pets Doing Good: Dogs With Jobs and Cats on a Mission


Callie: Toy poodles are known for being intelligent and among the most trainable breeds. This is certainly true of Callie, a four-year-old apricot toy poodle who shares her special brand of dog therapy with young patients at Carter Smile in Morristown, New Jersey. Callie is a certified therapy dog through Creature Comfort Pet Therapy, and she also passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. She goes into the office twice a week with Dr. Christina Carter, pediatric dentist and orthodontist, and she’s kind of a big deal there. When it comes to dogs with jobs, she’s got plenty around the office. She greets kids when they come in, plays with them in the reception area, comes into the back room with them, sits next to them when they are in the chair, licks their hand, puts her paw on the chair, gives kisses and sits nearby on her dog bed to offer support. She even helps demonstrate procedures and helps Dr. Carter explain proper dental care. Callie is so dedicated to providing pet therapy that she comes in on her days off when a child requests her to be there. Dr. Carter explains that she works with all types of children, including those with special needs, and Callie is intuitive in knowing who she can be playful with and when she should be calm and gentle. And it’s not just the kids who love Callie. “My team is happier; the whole office has a different feel when she’s here. They just want to say hello to her,” says Dr. Carter. Aside from her office job as a therapy dog, Callie volunteers twice a month with Creature Comfort, going to assisted living facilities, nursing homes and children’s festivals. As Dr. Carter puts it, “She was the best addition to not only my office, but my life.”

Callie’s favorites: Whimzees Toothbrush Dental Dog Treats, USA Bones & Chews Curly Bully Stick

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