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Samantha SchwabPet Lovers / Pet Parenting

Try Not to Smile While Watching This Video of a Virtual Pet Play Date

Pets connect people. It’s their superpower.

As we continue to socially isolate, the perfectly imperfect experience of living with a pet and the mad love we have for them is a story that’s being shared on screens and social channels around the world. We can always count on our pets to bring us comfort and joy, but now more than ever our pets are bringing us hope by bringing us together. They remind us to make time for fun, for happiness and for each other.

We wanted to recognize and celebrate the countless ways our pets keep us sane and grounded; the joy and light they inspire daily and their unique ability to connect us to one another. And so we bring you this quick video. Created using only user-generated content (UGC) from pet-parents in social isolation across the country, we hope you see yourself in this love note to pets. Our furry, feathery and scaly friends are there to remind us that we can still share moments of hope and happiness together, even when we’re apart. 

How do your pets keep you connected? Tell us on social with the hashtag #PetsBringUsTogether.

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