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Pet Travel Gear for a Stress-Free Getaway

Whether you’re looking forward to carefree vacation days in the sun, a relaxing hiking trip or sightseeing in places you’ve never been, traveling creates some of the most memorable experiences—especially if you can bring your pets with you. But actually getting to your destination may sometimes pose a challenge. From planning your itinerary and schedule to packing for your trip, pet travel can get pretty stressful, even before it starts. While we can’t be there to do it for you, we sure can help! Whether it be a day trip to the state park or a few weeks spent in Europe, Chewy has all of the necessities to prepare you for pet travel without all of the stress.

Do you have a dog that likes to paw around in the back seat, tries to jump up to the front seat, sheds all over the car, nervously pants or just needs additional security while traveling? The Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put Hammock Seat Cover for Pets is a car seat for dogs with a universal design that fits any car that has headrests. Made with a waterproof backing and a durable material, this barrier is great for keeping your car clean and your pup safe for road trips across the country or daily runs to the dog park.

For smaller pups that can’t enjoy looking out the window without jumping around or trying to crawl into your lap, check out the Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat car seat for dogs. This lift is ideal for dogs under 30 pounds and provides security for your pup through turns and stops. The liner is machine washable and collapsible for ease of use, and the seat can be moved between cars.

For longer trips, or if your pet travel plans involve flying, the Petmate Sky Kennel pet carrier is durable and meets airline travel requirements and safety specifications. It’s an eco-friendly option and comes in a variety of sizes for every dog and cat, though you should be sure to check with your specific airline regarding size restrictions. This carrier allows for ventilation without compromising security and will keep your pet safe and comfortable wherever you go.

For little dogs that get anxious leaving home, try VetriScience Composure Behavioral Health Mini Bite-Sized Dog Chews to combat pet travel-induced anxiety, stress and hyperactivity. The C3 calming complex calms nerves while L-theanine and thiamine promote balanced behavior. The specialized, soothing formula eases anxiety that leads to scratching, barking, marking or aggression—without causing drowsiness—to keep your pup comfortable in the most stressful situations.

Pet travel should be the pleasant bonding experience that it’s meant to be. Being equipped with the right gear, including carriers and car seats for dogs, can help make your trips easier and more relaxing.