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Miami Marlins Rally Cat Gets Adopted

Baseball season may have just begun, but we can already declare this year’s MVP: the Miami Marlins “Rally Cat” (MVP meaning Most Valuable Purrrrrrr of course).

In early April, a stray kitty became a viral home run after he found his way to the outfield of Marlins Park during game. As players and staff tried to help the cat get to safety, he devised his own plan: scale the wall and hang out at the outfield statue.

The athletic feline (who’d make a pretty good center fielder if you ask us) quickly became a sensation with fans, earning the prestigious title of “Rally Cat.”

In true sports underdog (er, undercat) fashion, there’s a happy ending to this tale, as Don Cattingly—named after the team’s current manager and former MLB first baseman Don Mattingly—has found a forever home with a member of the team’s front office.

Image via MLB YouTube 

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