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Smoothie the Cat: What It’s Like to Be the Prettiest Feline on the Internet

Move over Grumpy Cat! There’s a new feline star on the block. Meet Smoothie the Cat, aka “the world’s most photogenic cat.” The adorable British Longhair resides in the Netherlands where she pals around with her (almost)-equally-adorable brother, Milkshake. And her antics have made her an international superstar and Internet sensation. Smoothie has garnered over 700,000 loyal Instagram followers that tune in daily to catch a glimpse at what the sweet little cat is up to.

In addition to making waves across the Web, the famous feline has been featured in a plethora of publications including People Magazine, The Huffington Post, and many popular Dutch newspapers. She’s also had her likeness attached to an array of merchandise, such as a pair of festive holiday socks. And if that isn’t impressive enough, the glamorous kitty has her own iOs app, which “gives fans exclusive access to all things Smoothie.”

PawCulture caught up with Smoothie’s pet parent, Arvid van Boekel, to get a glimpse inside a day in the life of what many people have deemed “the prettiest cat in the world.”

How old is Smoothie? She’s 2 years old. Born on the 1st of April 2014.

What was the inspiration behind naming her “Smoothie?” We had a long list of names but I wanted an original, cute name. Smoothies are sweet and she’s quite smooth as well.

What inspired you to make an Instagram page for Smoothie? I had so many nice pictures; I had to share them with the world! And Instagram is perfect for that.

How did she get so many social media fans and become so famous? She got reposted a lot! People seemed to really like her. Also, at some point, one of her pictures became a meme that appeared all over the Internet. Here is a photo of that meme:

Were you shocked that so many people took to her online and that she became a famous cat? Of course! I still find it really bizarre. I’ve never expected this. People gave her the title “the most photogenic cat in the world.” I’ve never said that myself, but of course it’s an honor. She has beautiful green eyes. That’s what most of her articles are about. There are also a lot of questions about merchandise and she even has her own socks. I would love to create plush toys somehow, so everyone can get a Smoothie for themselves.

How old is Smoothie’s brother Milkshake? Milkshake is just five months old. He’s still a little kitten.

Are they buddies? They fight sometimes, but I think they can get along quite well. We took the introduction very slowly, so they could get used to one another. That worked out pretty well. Smoothie is more timid; Milkshake is a little rebel.

What is Smoothie’s personality like? She’s a Queen but a very sweet one—not arrogant. She doesn’t always like to be held but sometimes she asks for cuddles. She doesn’t harm a fly. Every time she sees Milkshake, she looks surprised, like it’s the first time she ever sees him. That’s so funny! She also can’t stop bathing him.

Is Smoothie mischievous? Not really. She’s really cautious. Milkshake is way more mischievous. Sometimes she has her moods, but it never got her really into trouble.

People call Smoothie “The World’s Most Photogenic Cat.” What makes her so photogenic? Her emerald-green eyes mostly, in combination with the color of her fur probably. The official name is ‘golden shaded.’

Did you teach her to pose for the camera or did that come naturally to her? That came naturally. She has done that since the very beginning.

What is the process of keeping her coat so beautiful? Every other day, she needs to be groomed. When she starts to have little knots, I try to take them out by hand or cut them.

Does she like meeting new cats and humans? Not really. She’s way more timid than Milkshake. She’s usually scared of big guys with loud voices. But the people she trusts, she really trusts. She’s so pure—it breaks my heart sometimes. Such a vulnerable little creature.

Does she prefer the company of humans or cats? Humans. But I think she’s quite happy to have Milkshake in her life.

What are Smoothie’s favorite things to do? She loves playing with threads and climbing. The higher the better.

What’s your favorite part about living with Smoothie? Cats give so much love and laughter! I could recommend everyone to take a cat (there’s also a lot of cute cats in shelters) cause it really brightens your life. I can’t think of the fact that I’ll have to miss her one day, so I enjoy every day with Smoothie and Milkshake to the fullest and give them all the love and attention they deserve.

Photos courtesy Arvid van Boekel and Smoothie the Cat

Nicole Pajer is a freelance writer who lives in Los Angeles with her husband, energetic Doberman, and rat terrier.