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Samoyed Puppies Battle a Wind-Up Frog Toy In This Adorable Showdown

A video clearly not meant for the faint of heart: two eight-week-old Samoyed puppies take on a wind-up frog dog toy and the results are, well, quite shocking.

Just kidding, of course, as the sight of two pups not knowing whether to make heads or tails of this flipping plastic frog is one of the cutest things you’ll ever watch online.

The hilarious clip takes viewers on quite a journey as these adorable floofballs go from apprehensive and even a little bit scared (just listen to those sweet, squeaky little puppy barks) to downright ferocious. Rawr!

While the frog may have baffled them at first, these puppies eventually figured out how to tag-team this showdown and walk away victorious.

Don’t worry, no plastic wind-up frogs were harmed in the making of this video.

Image via YouTube

Aly Semigran is a staff writer for PawCulture, lifestyle writer for the world, and roommate of Ruby, the cutest dog in the world.