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Puppies Abandoned in Closed Bin Get Help from Shelter Workers

On the morning of April 28, a shelter employee at the Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation in Stilwell, Oklahoma, made a shocking and upsetting discovery.

Ten puppies were crammed into a taped-up plastic tub and dumped at the doorstep of the shelter.

The dogs were hot and wet when found, breathing only through small holes in the tub. “There was a small puppy on the very bottom I thought might die from heat stress,” a worker said in a Facebook post.

The disturbing trend is not new to the shelter workers at this facility, who have time and time again seen abandoned animals struggling to survive because their owners did not have the funds, or the heart, to care for them.

With the puppies desperately needing medical care and food, as well as foster or adoptive homes to go to, the Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation made a GoFundMe page asking for help in this urgent situation.

Donations are still coming in and the story has resonated with animal lovers who want to help give the puppies the happy and healthy lives they deserve.

In a Facebook post on May 2, the non-profit shared that all ten dogs are doing well since their trauma and four of the pups have already been adopted into loving forever homes.

Image via Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation Facebook

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