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Picasso, the Dog With the Crooked Face, Wins Hearts Everywhere

It’s a face only a nation could love.

In late February, Luvable Dog Rescue—a no-kill organization in Eugene, Oregon—came across a one-of-a-kind pup on the euthanasia list at a California shelter alongside his brother.

Luvable knew these dogs, who were surrendered by their owner, a backyard breeder, were worth giving a second chance.

The 10-month-old Picasso—who was named for his unique, crooked face (a mostly cosmetic deformity he was born with that gives him a drooping nose and an overbite)— is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi/Terrier mix, just like his brother named, fittingly, Pablo.

As soon as Luvable put videos of Picasso up on their Instagram page he became nothing short of a viral sensation. People from all over the country fell in love with this adorable pup and his amazing spirit.

Liesl Wilhardt, the executive director of Luvable, told The Huffington Post, “Picasso is outgoing, happy, curious and loving. He’s so unaware of how different he is.”

She said that, because of his deformity, “he’s a very messy eater,” but his jaw is otherwise fine. “The deformity is in the top part of his nose. The jaw hinge is not deformed. He can open it normally,” she explained.

Picasso’s disposition may have made him an overnight sensation, but at the end of the day, it’s his brother Pablo that’s allowed him to shine.

“They are very attached,” Wilhardt told HuffPo. “The term ‘bonded’ is over-used with dogs, but these two have come to rely on each other for security comfort and support.”

That’s exactly why Luvable is ensuring that Picasso and Pablo are adopted together, and why hundreds of pet lovers from all over have wanted to give these brothers a forever home.

In a recent update on their website, Luvable tells Picasso and Pablo’s newfound admirers, “We have been swamped with offers from people from all over the country to adopt these boys. We really appreciate the amazing show of love and appreciation for these special dogs!”

“We ask that people be patient with Luvable as we are doing our best to respond to inquiries,” they also wrote, adding, “At this time, Picasso needs dental surgery and we would like to get him through any required medical treatment and healthy before considering what type of home will be best for him and Pablo.”

Whoever gets the honor of loving and caring for the now-iconic duo of Pablo and Picasso will be one lucky pet parent.

Image via Luvable Dog Rescue Instagram 

Aly Semigran is a lifestyle writer for the world, and roommate of Ruby, the cutest dog in the world.