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Olivia Wilde Just Rescued Another Dog and He’s Adorable

The awesome and adorable Wilde/Sudeikis brood continues to grow.

On July 24, actress and activist Olivia Wilde shared the latest addition to her family on Instagram: an unbelievably cute rescue dog named Elvis.

3-year-old Elvis is the second adopted canine to join their clan and is now the younger fur brother to the couple’s other dog, 15-year-old Paco.


In the touching post introducing Elvis (formerly Maxamillion) to the world, Wilde writes, “He’s lived a pretty harrowing life so far, and we are so lucky he adopted us as his new family, so we can treat him like the king he was born to be.”

Wilde reveals that she and her family “found the missing member of our brood” from Brooklyn-based BARC, a no-kill rescue shelter.


The shelter, whose mission is to “provide a safe haven for abandoned animals and to find permanent loving homes for them,” posted a photo on their own Instagram page of a beaming Wilde and her new 10-pound BFF with the caption, “Good luck on your new life together!”

In addition to posting some seriously sweet and funny photos, including one of Elvis hanging out with a napping Paco and another of him “attacking” his human dad, actor Jason Sudeikis, Wilde had an important message for their fans and followers.


“There are so many animals looking for homes,” Wilde wrote, adding that Elvis was “next on the kill list at a shelter in Texas not too long ago! Please consider saving a dog today.”

Images via @oliviawilde

Aly Semigran is a lifestyle writer for the world and roommate of Ruby, the cutest dog in the world.