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Isosceles the Corgi Doesn’t Let a Disability Slow Him Down

At first glance, Isosceles appears to be an average Corgi, loving life and winning hearts on Instagram. But take a closer look, and you’ll notice that this active guy is, in fact, a tripod.

Found abandoned on the side of the road in Tallahassee, the three-legged dog was taken in by Sunshine Corgi Rescue group and placed in foster care. Future mom Andra DelMonico came across his profile, and knew she had to meet him.

“We met in a Cracker Barrel parking lot. His foster family drove from Tallahassee and I drove from Orlando. I was so nervous!” she remembers. “As soon as I walked up he hopped over and proceeded to lay upside down on my feet. His foster family told me that meant he approved.”

Since being adopted four years ago, Isosceles has proven that nothing can get in the way of his adventurous lifestyle. Some of his interests include biking, hiking, and even kayaking. “I bought him a life vest the weekend I brought him home,” says DelMonico. “It just felt normal to take him kayaking with me. He also has his own raft and Doggles when we take him boating. He’ll float on that raft all day if we let him.”

Andra attributes her dog’s positive outlook and sunny disposition to his adventurous attitude, saying he loves being where the action is. Of course, even a four-legged Corgi would have a hard time hiking, so she recently employed the help of a backpack to take him off-road. “He gets pumped when he knows he’s going for a ride. It has completely changed his outlook!”

As a Corgi, Isosceles is a natural low-rider and has a predisposition to back problems. That, coupled with his missing leg, led DelMonico to invest in a set of wheels—something Isosceles is still adjusting to. “It’s a whole new way of walking for him,” she says. “Part of the struggle has always been he’s a lazy corgi.”

So how do you get a lazy corgi excited about re-learning how to walk with wheels? “We bribe him with dog treats to get him to move,” she says. “He’s now starting to figure out how to really make his wheels work.”

Once he gets used to the idea of walking with wheels, DelMonico is hoping Isosceles can return to some of his other favorite activities. Not only is he used to playing fetch, he’s also a master balloon hunter. “He will chase, hunt, stalk and then murder any balloon near him. But these days, he’s just happy being where the action is.”

Internet stardom has not only been a great way for Isosceles to make new pet friends across the globe, but also to show off his more dapper side. He can be found sporting a bowtie in most all his Instagram photos. “Aside from a hoodie he has accepted for road trips, clothes are a big no-go—that’s how we settled on bowties,” says DelMonico. “He’s happy wearing them and they’re easy to take off and on.”

While his disability is easy to overlook, the impact he’s made on those around him is more than apparent. Hopefully, great pups like Isosceles can raise awareness and help lift the stigma associated with disabled pets.

“He’s changed my life by becoming my ride-or-die best bud,” says DelMonico. “I’ve become much more active over the years because I have him. He’s down for any adventure, and as long as we’re doing it together, he’s happy.”

John Plichter is a writer and advertising professional from Philadelphia. He and his girlfriend share their home with rescue dogs Murph and Elmer, who are three-legged and blind respectively.