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Cyclist Saves an Orphaned Kitten and It’s the Sweetest Thing

Brazilian cyclist Viitor Fonseca was out for a ride when he came across something unexpected: an orphaned kitten.

With only his bike on hand, Fonesca scooped up the kitty and put him in his cycling jersey before pedaling the feline to safety.

The small, brave cat wasn’t scared at all, and even seemed to enjoy the ride through Taquarituba (located in São Paulo).

Fonesca shared a video of the ride and photos of his new friend giving him appreciative kisses and poking his head out of Fonseca’s jersey. Fonseca seems to be having a pretty great time with his friendly passenger, too.

“Saving a life today,” Viitor said on Facebook. “I’m glad that he liked me and was not clawing me.”

According to, Viitor rode with the kitten for 10 km back to his house, and was able to find a loving forever home for his new travel companion.

Not all heroes wear capes, after all … some wear bike helmets.

Image via Viitor Fonseca Facebook

Aly Semigran is a lifestyle writer for the world, and roommate of Ruby, the cutest dog in the world.