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Country Star Brett Eldredge Croons About His New Puppy Edgar

Brett Eldredge may be a seasoned country music star but he’s a first time dog dad. The “Beat of the Music” singer recently brought home an energetic pup named Edgar. The pair bonded fast and has since become completely inseparable. “Edgar is growing up on the road,” says Eldredge of his four-legged companion. Since coming into his owner’s life, the Weimaraner/Vizsla mix has traveled across the country in a state-of-the-art tour bus, joined Eldredge on stage in front of large cheering audiences, and collected his own loyal army of fans.

“I never thought I’d be the guy that was the dog guy like I am now,” Eldredge tells us. “It’s a special kind of love. He’s a pretty great pup.”

Check out our interview with the country singer below as he discusses the secrets to potty training Edgar on a tour bus, the inspiration for naming his pup, and his plans for spoiling his new pal this Christmas.

PawCulture: Tell us about the adorable puppy that you adopted earlier this year.

Brett Eldredge: This is my first dog ever. My whole life growing up, I wanted a dog and I could never quite convince my family to get one. So I just decided one day when the time seemed right that I would get a pup and bring it out on the road and have a good buddy. I get off stage singing in front of thousands of people and then I get on my bus from all that energy and then nobody’s there. So having him on the bus when I get off stage and all that affection and love is great. You have a buddy that is always there for you. That’s what Edgar is for me. It’s pretty awesome.

He was born around May 11th. I got him when he was 8-weeks-old so he’s growing up on the road. He is loads of energy—I usually have loads of energy to so it’s perfect.

PawCulture: Where did you get Edgar?

Eldredge: I heard about him online. I got him somewhere in Alabama. I drove like six hours to where he was born and drove back and he was so nervous. He was so scared and tiny. I think he was 8 pounds when I got him and now he’s 45 pounds.

Brett Eldredge meeting Edgar for the first time

He had the energy that matched me. I’m kind of a shy guy but I have my moments. And he can be a bit shy but now that he’s grown up, he’s not shy at all! I don’t have a girlfriend right now. I’m kind of a single guy living the life on the road right now so to be able to have that companionship and everything, it’s pretty special.

PawCulture: How do you balance being a busy singer, touring the country, and raising a dog at the same time?

Eldredge: It’s pretty interesting. We have crazy days out here on the road. It’s full and busy. I’m doing tons of different things from media then soundcheck and getting on stage and then meet and greets with fans. It’s a full day.

We’re working on the potty training. He’s not perfect at that to be honest, but he’s gotten a lot better. I’ve always crate trained him. As much as I love to snuggle with him, I keep him in his dog crate at night. If he ever yelps and needs to go to the restroom, the bus driver will stop. It’s been tough to balance all that, but at the same time, it’s a responsibility for me that’s good to have, separate from my million job responsibilities with being a country singer. It’s good to have another part of my life and another responsibility.

PawCulture: How did you come up with the name Edgar?

Eldredge: I’m from a little town in Illinois called Paris and it’s in Edgar County. I named my album Illinois because I’m very proud of where I came from. I carry my hometown with me everywhere I go so I figured Edgar would be the perfect name for him since it’s the county I’m from. I just love that name too so it worked out. He just looks like an Edgar. And I kind of like people names for dogs, so I thought that was a cool name.

PawCulture: What is a typical day on the road like for Edgar?

Eldredge: He is very much a people person. He gets to go all over. He’s been all across the country and has seen more places than most dogs will see in their entire lives. He knows the scent of the bus and exactly how to find it. It’s a sense of home for him to be on the tour bus. In the mornings, he runs over to the bunk I am sleeping in and jumps on my face to get me up. Then we go out and play fetch a little bit in the parking lot. He sees a lot of people and brings a lot of energy.

Brett Eldredge and Edgar sleeping nose to nose

When we get home and have a break from tour, he’s a little out of his routine. He can be very high energy at times when he normally wouldn’t be. But, he just goes with it most of the time. He’ll just hop off the bus and run around. When he gets old enough, I’ll take him running. There are a lot of things I want to do with him like getting him to be a good swimmer. We’re working on the basics of sit and stay and lie down. But he’s pretty good for 6 months.

PawCulture: What is Edgar’s favorite part about touring with you?

Eldredge: I got some of those puppy headphones so there is no sound in his ears so he can be around the stage. I brought him on stage one time when he was a real little pup. He had no idea what to think of the thousands of people in the crowd. I’ve brought him on stage a couple of times since and now he’s like, “Whatever. There are thousands of people out there staring at me. I guess it’s cool.” He gets to be the star of the show. The first time, he was totally in shock. Since I brought him on stage, he’s become a big star on social media and all that. People always have signs for him in the crowd everywhere—I’m talking about tons and tons of signs every night. He has his own fans and sometimes his fans will want to meet him more than me, which is hilarious. So he’ll steal the show sometimes.

PawCulture: Any funny bloopers with him on the road?

Eldredge: We were playing in the park one day and he just ran right in front of me as I was running up a hill with him and his little toe broke. So we had to deal with wearing the cone for like 6 weeks and he hated the cone. He had to wear a cast on his foot. The vets were really great. They made him a cast with guitar symbols on it. He carried it well but I was glad to have it off because he’s the kind of breed that likes to run and be active a lot.

Work doesn't stop for Brett Eldredge and Edgar

PawCulture: You just released your first Christmas album. Are you excited for your first Christmas with your dog?

Eldredge: Yeah it’s going to be fun to have him around. I’ve always been kind of fascinated about having a puppy at Christmas. I will take him to my hometown hopefully in Paris and show him around there. It will be the first time that he gets to run around the county that he is from where he got his name. He should fit right in where the whole thought of him came about. I think it will be pretty awesome to share the memory of Christmas with him. Hopefully he likes my Christmas album because he’s been listening to it so much. I’ve been working on it since I got him. It should be a great Christmas with my new partner in crime!

Nicole Pajer is a freelance writer who lives in Los Angeles with her husband, energetic Doberman, and rat terrier.