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Amused Baby and Cute Cat Make the Perfect Internet Video

Cat videos are adorable and hilarious. Giggling baby videos are adorable and hilarious. So what happens when you combine both a cat and a giggling baby? Well, arguably the most adorable and hilarious video out there.

This clip, which was uploaded to YouTube by the Merkley family, has gone viral on account of the fact that is totally delightful.

The very mention of the family’s feline sends their oh-so-cute baby girl into hysterics, but it gets even better when the pet actually shows up. The happy baby simply cannot stop herself from cooing, laughing, and flailing with joy when the cat is near her in her crib. Though she doesn’t quite know what to do when the kitty walks on her (or leaves, for that matter), it’s pretty clear that this baby is obsessed with cats. We understand where you’re coming from, kiddo.

Watch the video—which is a minute and a half of pure sweet, giddiness.

Aly Semigran is a lifestyle writer for the world, and roommate of Ruby, the cutest dog in the world.