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Video: Boy and His Dog Have Emotional Reunion After 8 Months Apart

Losing a pet is a heartbreaking ordeal for any pet parent to endure, but for children in the family, it can be especially difficult.

Thankfully, for one an 11-year-old boy, his lost pet story had a happy ending. Or, in this case, a happy new beginning.

Eight months ago, his dog named Jack had gotten lost. After all their time apart, a neighbor miraculously spotted Jack at a nearby gas station and helped bring him home.

The reunion between the boy and his dog was captured on camera and the result is, well, pretty darn emotional.

When the young boy opens his front door and sees his pet for the first time in months he exclaims, “Jack!” and runs towards him to embrace him.

Through happy tears the boy and his dog are both back where they belong: in each other’s arms.

Watch the clip, originally obtained by “The Today Show,” above. But get ready, the room may get a little dustier.

Image via The Today Show

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