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Little Bichon Breaks Up Scuffle Between Dog Friends Like a Boss

It’s a real bummer when your friends are fighting. You’re caught in the middle. You have to choose sides. The whole situation gets really uncomfortable, really quickly.

But this little Bichon isn’t having any of it. When playtime between his doggy friends turns into a brawl, the fluffy white pup steps in and puts his paw down. There will be no growling and bad behavior in this pack!

In the video posted by YouTube user mosse choi, two dogs begin playing with one another, but that playing quickly turns into a mild altercation between the pups.

They begin to growl at each other and show their teeth. But just when things are beginning to look ugly, the Bichon comes in from another room, jumps up on the bench and gets between the two fighting pups.

The Bichon barks and tells the other dogs that their behavior is unacceptable. The dogs quickly calm down and separate. And peace is once again restored to the household.

Deidre Grieves is a content strategist and digital producer. Wiener dogs are her life.