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Bullmastiff Tattles on French Bulldog for Toilet Paper Mess

Nobody likes a snitch. You know what we’re talking about. When you and a group of friends do something wrong and get caught, the first person to place blame is usually called a tattletale and ostracized from the group for a couple of weeks.

Sure, no one likes getting punished or yelled at, but sometimes friends have to stick together. That’s what friends do, right? Well, the Bullmastiff in this video did not get the memo.

In a hilarious clip uploaded to YouTube, an adorable French Bulldog sits covered in toilet paper. The Frenchie looks unbelievably guilty. There’s no doubt that the dog had a good time with the toilet tissue. When the dog’s pet parent questions her about the mess, the pup just gives her best big eyes and tries her best to look innocent.

But then the camera pans to her dog sister, a Bullmastiff that looks equally upset about being reprimanded. But when the dogs’ owner questions the Mastiff, she’s quick to place the blame on her Frenchie friend. When asked, “What made this mess?” the bigger dog points a paw directly at her friend.

So much for sibling loyalty.

Deidre Grieves is the senior content strategist and digital producer. Wiener dogs are her life.