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21 Epic Pet Nose Boops You Have to See

Epic pet nose boops

Epic pet nose boops

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Life is all about simple pleasures: the smell of freshly baked cookies, the sound of the rain, the boop of a nose. Not familiar with the last one? Allow us to explain. When a nose is so irresistibly adorable that you want to squish it, it’s considered boop-worthy. Go on—boop these noses!

Chai the dog

As the world record holder for Most Boopable Nose, Chai is training tirelessly to defend her title.

Credit: @the.daily.chai

Barney the dog

This is the face Barney makes when you ask, “Who’s a good boy?” You are, Barney—you are. Boop!

Credit: @barneyandmaya

Alfonz the cat

Boop Alfonz’s nose. Or don’t. Alfonz can’t be concerned with such trivial matters.

Credit: @americatails

Bunny nose boop

“You want to boop my what?!”

Credit: @hoppingduo

Chiri the dog

Chiri dares you to resist booping her nose. Go on—she’ll wait.

Credit: @ep.yssp

Zoomed in dog boop

The very best kind of boop. Up close and personal.

Credit: @doggystylegrooming

Sheepdog nose boop

Renowned for its delicate balance of fluff and squish, the Sheepdog Boop is one of the most coveted boops of all.

Credit: @jackcookiebobtails

Malla the Chow Chow

As a Chow-Chow, Malla holds an advanced degree in the Nose Booping Fine Arts.

Credit: @mallathechowchow

Phoenix the dog

Phoenix loves a good selfie almost as much as he loves a good boop.

Credit: @phoenixtheheeler

Horse nose boop

We like big boops and we cannot lie.

Credit: @sweetpea.chelle

Bobby the dog

Bobby can’t play it cool. He wants you to boop his nose, and he wants you to boop it now.

Credit: @sugarspicebobby

Dachshund nose boop

One of the most difficult boops to master, the Dachshund Overbite Boop is rarely spotted in the wild.

Credit: @ingevink

Koda the dog

When not sniffing out treats, Koda uses her generous nose to raise booping awareness.

Credit: @kodathesammy

Sahsa the dog

This is the face Sahsa makes when she’s worried she won’t get a boop. Do the right thing.

Credit: @sahsathecarlino

Mr. Wigglebutt nose boop

Mr. Wigglebutt is a man of many talents and many boops.

Credit: @mr_wigglebutt

Dog with sunglasses on

Living that boop life.

Credit: @potatoebish

Puppy nose boop

As soon as you recover from cuteness overload, feel free to boop this nose.

Credit: @youhadmeatballs

Hank the dog

Hank’s interests include walks on the beach and boops on the nose. Be like Hank.

Credit: @thestinkerdoodles

Fluffy dog nose boop

“And then she says to me, ‘Boop!’”

Credit: @life.of.a.fluffbutt

Lady the dog

For obvious reasons, Lady has never been denied a nose boop.

Credit: @craftmarton

Pacoca dog boop

You know how this one ends—boop!

Credit: @pacoca.abordercollie

Monica Weymouth is a writer, editor and certified Weird Animal Lady. She lives in Philadelphia with her two rescued Shih Tzus.