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18 Snuggled and Sleeping Pups You’ll Love

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There might literally be nothing cuter than a sleeping puppy (or, at the very least, sleeping puppies are tied for cuteness with sleeping babies). A sweet, snoozy puppy reminds us why we’re in love with these creatures who aren’t quite yet potty trained and chew on our favorite shoes. Here are 18 sleeping puppies to “awww” over:

Sleeping puppy Maya

These ears are made for sleepin’.

Credit: @mayathedox

Little Frankie Frenchie

A dog bed the same color as me? Maybe I can sleep a few extra minutes if they can’t see me…

Credit: @little.frankie.frenchie

Sleeping Theo

Of course I still fit in this bed, as long as I bend juuust right.

Credit: @havanese.theo

Elvis Pawsley the pup

Daytime naps are no problem for this pup.

Credit: @elvispawsleythecorgi

Puppy sleeping on the carpet

Bed? Who needs a bed when this carpet’s right here?

Credit: @castiel_fluffy

Puppy snuggles

Don’t worry, I won’t drool on you… a lot.

Credit: @comoandthecity

Winnie the Golden Pup snoozing

Some dogs sleep without their pajamas on? They just sleep naked?!

Credit: @winnie.the.goldenpup

Sammie the Bulldog sleeping


Credit: @sammithebulldog

Sleeping puppy

This pup doesn’t even need a pillow for a comfy snooze.

Credit: @chippewatheaussie

Emma the Westie napping

Naps are better together.

Credit: @emmathewestie

Frenchie asleep in a suitcase

I’m resting up for our big trip, clearly.

Credit: @wtfrenchie

Puppy asleep with pizza toy

Isn’t waking up to the smell of pizza everyone’s dream?

Credit: @toffy_telly

Just being Daisy

Just five more minutes, please.

Credit: @justbeingdaisy

Just being Wally

Work? That sounds boring. I’ll just take a nap here.

Credit: @justbeingwally

Puppy sleeping next to window

If I’m this close to the window it’s like I’m sleeping outside, right?

Credit: @hunterzoolandersilverlab

Puppy asleep

I’ll just stay right here all day, thanks.

Credit: @kelsbrianne

Sleeping puppy

This sleeping pup is careful to only take up as much room as necessary.

Credit: @abi831

Sleeping puppy on couch

Mine. The couch is all mine. Go find your own place to sleep.

Credit: @giottothehavanese

Elizabeth Xu is an Ohio-based freelance writer focusing on pets and travel.