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18 Dog Hugs That Will Warm Your Heart

Dogs are the best. Hugs are also the best. Put them together and what do you get? A double dose of the warm fuzzies. As these cuddly canines prove, there’s nothing like a dog hug to warm your heart.

Goldendoodle hug

According to the latest research, Goldendoodle hugs are a cure for … everything.

Credit: @stellalunadoodle

Sheltie hug

Introducing the Sheltie scarf. Now available in a stylish tri-color motif for all your snow snuggle needs.

Credit: @ittadakimasu

Bulldog hug

We should all be so lucky to receive a sleepy bullie hug.

Credit: @taken-by=doglifex3

Yeti the dog hug

“Just like this,” says big brother Yeti. “This is how you take over the internet and get all the treats.”

Credit: @weheartyeti

Puppy hugs

Check your pulse if your heart didn’t just melt.

Credit: @annafournierphotography

Carin Terrier hugs

Ever proper, Cairn Terriers add a cheek kiss to their hello hugs. Trés chic!

Credit: @peppercairnterrier

Dog park hugs

When you haven’t seen your bestie in ages and you don’t care if the whole park is watching.

Credit: @taken-by=haminthecity

Dog nose nuzzle

Not sure if you’re ready for the full-on dog hug? Test the waters with a nose nuzzle—everyone likes a nose nuzzle.

Credit: @lady_toutouffe

Dog hug in car

Newly adopted Muffin couldn’t believe his luck—a sunny car ride and a new best friend.

Credit: @jesslowder

Pug hug

Try as she might, even Olive can’t resist trying out the highly coveted Pug Hug. We know you’re smiling on the inside, big girl.

Credit: @dotlunapug

Dog hug on couch

Because every couch nap needs a little spoon.

Credit: @muggins6

Frenchie hug

Even mid-hug, Frenchies can’t help but throw a little side-eye.

Credit: @theprettypierogi

Dog hug in bed

Three in the bed and the little one said, “Roll over. Or actually, roll closer. Ah, yes, right there.”

Credit: @4packfurkids

Dog hug nap

When your hug turns into a nap, you know you’re doing it right.

Credit: @jazzyandsvet

Big dog hug

In case you can’t tell, Jet’s what we call “a hugger.”  Way to smize, big guy!

Credit: @junglee.jet

Jack and Cleo hug

Cleo and Jack are working on their “cutest couple” pose for the yearbook.

Credit: @iamjacktheyorkie

Dog hug pile

Is your sister hogging the sunny spot on the floor? No worries—just pile on for a snuggle sesh.

Credit: @thegoldenfurballs

Puppy hugging big dog

And just like that, everything was OK.

Credit: @barcchus_

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