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18 Cats Who Are Plotting Their Revenge

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Yes, your cat looks adorable in a bowtie. He absolutely slays in the sweater you knit him. That Halloween costume? Perfection. So why does he look so amazingly annoyed? These well-dressed felines are clearly plotting their revenge against you.

Alex and Leo

Alex and Leo have big plans for the curtains. Big, big plans.

Credit: @alexandleo / @kitti.bow

Minnie the cat

This is catspeak for “I can’t even right now.”

Credit: @theminniekitty

Dolly the cat

“Look what you’ve done, human. Look what you’ve done.”

Credit: @missdollythediva

Aris the cat

Aris will not soon forget this grave injustice.

Credit: @arisflatface

Miss Pickles the cat

Cinco de Mayo just got real.

Credit: @misspicklescat

Morley cat
The shirt says, “Aloha!” The eyes say, “Things are different between us now.”

Credit: @rexhiss

Zena the cat

In case you were wondering, this is the face a cat makes when you put her in a cat hoodie.

Credit: @zenaandshera

Stanley the cat

Upon seeing how handsome he looked in his new tie, Stanley considered forgiving his human. The key word, of course, being “considered.”

Credit: @stanleythegentlemanlycat

Jonah the cat

Tell us how you really feel, Jonah.

Credit: @lola_emeline

Cat in a hoodie

“Look at the camera?! Hard pass, mom. Hard pass.”

Credit: @shaybayee17

Theoden the cat

Next up on Theoden’s reading list: “Human Behavior Modification”

Credit: @theodenthecat

Daisy the cat

Daisy actually enjoys wearing cat clothes—but she’ll still throw a little side eye when given the chance.

Credit: @daisyfeatherbotum

Princess Priscilla cat

Princess Priscilla wants the phone number for the person who is responsible for the Hawaiian cat-shirt trend.

Credit: @princesspriscillakitty

Flo the cat

That moment you realize the new couch will pay dearly for what you’ve done.

Credit: @floandcat

Lenny the cat

Sorry, Lenny—when you look this cute in a golf shirt, it’s your duty to wear one.

Credit: @lennythemainecoon

Zuul the cat

Zuul’s strategy: Stand very, very still and pretend this isn’t happening.

Credit: @missgothamcity

Stella the cat

Every since she started wearing a Nirvana hoodie, Stella has gotten in touch with her inner angsty teenager.

Credit: @stellathetinycat

Smudge the cat

Smudge’s human will regret this. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon.

Credit: @toqueandsmudge

Monica Weymouth is a writer, editor and certified Weird Animal Lady. She lives in Philadelphia with her two rescued Shih Tzus.