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17 Dog Smiles You Can’t Help But Love

Sit, stay, smile! Is there anything more adorable than a big puppy grin? Sometimes all it takes is your pup’s favorite treat to send his tail wagging – American Journey Grain-Free Oven Baked turkey dog treats are dog-approved and get two paws up. Or maybe it’s a toy like the P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You Globetrotter plush camera dog toy that gets him posing like a model. From goofballs to cover girls, these photogenic dogs are ready for their close-ups:

Katsu the Labradoodle

As a Labradoodle puppy, Katsu is used to being told he’s adorable. But go ahead—tell him again.

Credit: @jamielovesapples

Jane the Chihuahua

Chihuahuas and under bites: a match made in Instagram heaven.

Credit: @janejohansen

Kaya the dog

Kaya is one #selfie away from becoming an honorary Kardashian.

Credit: @kayatheshepherd

Dolly the Labradoodle

Luckily for the Internet, Dolly is very ticklish.

Credit: @dollythedooodle

Watson the dog

Watson brings new meaning to the phrase “smiling from ear to ear.”

Credit: @tyleranneliese

Atlas the Bernese Mountain Dog

Atlas’ secret smile weapon? The fluffy puppy head tilt. Watch out, “America’s Next Top Model.”

Credit: @adventures.with.atlas

Dog in a fedora

“Swagger’s my middle name, ladies. Seriously—check my collar.”

Credit: @stacytheredhead

Zia the dog

Zia’s favorite Instagram filter? That would be “DERP!”

Credit: @bojooth5858

Banjo the dog

If you’re happy and you know it and you really want to show it, make a face like Sir Banjo.

Credit: @sir_banjo

Adoptable Pit Bull

Need an extra dose of sunshine in your life? Minnie and her megawatt smile are adoptable!

Credit: @allison0210

Elmer the dog

Elmer can’t even say “cheese” without smiling.

Credit: @elmertheblinddog

Zappa the dog

Zappa likes to start the day with a smile on her face and a spring in her step.

Credit: @runrunzappa

Otter the Golden Retriever

Otter got bored with chewing up sneakers, so he decided to break the Internet with this smile.

Credit: @ottergolden

Mimi the dog

Is it just us, or do Mimi and Jack Nicholson share a grin?

Credit: @its.mimse

Mina the Boston Terrier

Mina is living all of our best lives.

Credit: @mina_bostonterrier

Lola the Boston Terrier

When you’ve got ears like Lola, you can’t help but smile.

Credit: @lolathelovely1

Bambam the dog

That face you make when you know who’s a good boy.

Credit: @bambam_nikita


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Monica Weymouth is a writer, editor and certified Weird Animal Lady. She lives in Philadelphia with her two rescued Shih Tzus.