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13 Cats Who Are Loving Your Black Friday Deals

Shopping cat

Shopping cat

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Whether you’re the type to get up at the crack of dawn on Black Friday or you’re more of a stay-home-and-online-browse from the comfort of your pajamas, there’s no denying shopping season is well underway.

As it turns out, your feline companion is deeply invested in all of the seasonal bargains and deals you’re finding.


Peeking at your gifts early is thrilling until you realize you won’t be surprised.

Credit: @yolandacamino


Somebody’s new sneaks are coming in size Too Cute.

Credit: @chaifold


Just gonna come along to make sure you get everything on the holiday list, which, coincidentally, is all catnip.

Credit: @stellathetinycat


When you know you got the best Black Friday deal in town and you, quite literally, have the receipts to prove it.

Credit: @birmanlovessiberian


For when you simply cannot be trusted to do the holiday shopping on your own: cat in a purse!

Credit: @miltossassy


Black Friday? All those crowds? Pfft. This feline is wisely waiting out at home for those Cyber Monday steals.

Credit: @11kates


Candy canes? Check. Holiday cards? Check. Adorable cat? CHECK.

Credit: @tysontabbert


Whatever this cat is getting, we’re officially jealous.

Credit: @leonivy


The little grey and white cat is all about the contents of the little brown bag.

Credit: @morganirenecole


You got all these presents for how much?!

Credit: @wodkawhispers


We’re starting to think cats just want the shopping bags instead of actual presents.

Credit: @agatha.the.cat


It’s all about those sales. This cat knows what’s up.

Credit: @rachelannehemi


Talk about having the primespot for Black Friday shopping. Folks…

Credit: @lolamontezmainecoon

Aly Semigran is a lifestyle writer for the world and roommate of Ruby, the cutest dog in the world.