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10 Secrets Pet Parents Won’t Reveal About Themselves

As pet parents we like to think we have the upper hand when it comes to being the head of our households. But here’s the thing, our pets totally run the show…and our lives. Cat (and dog) is out of the bag: here’s the formerly hidden truths about all pet parents.

1. We’re Competitive

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We really, really want to win that pet costume contest. We’ll go to any length to come out on top, and subject our dog to whatever humiliation is necessary. Then we’ll share the photos on every form of social media we can get our hands on.

2. We Take Risks

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We dress up our cats even though we totally know how wrong this is. Secretly, we don’t care and want to try cat costumes out to see how it looks. We know there will be consequences for the fashion show but we can’t help ourselves.

3. We Overshare

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We like to share snacks with our pets, no matter how unwise it might be. Our pets want to eat something yummy, too! The fact that our dogs and cats fully expect to share our treats is irrelevant.

4. We’re Weak

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We give in to our pets’ begging behavior a lot more than we would like to admit. We just want them to be happy and it’s so hard to say no! Yes, we know we’re pushovers. Don’t judge us.

5. We’re Cowardly

Still, there are actually times when don’t want to share what we’re eating and have to put our foot down. So we hide from our pets so they don’t see us. It’s just easier that way.

6. We’re Tired

We try to put off getting up in the morning by hiding under the covers and pretending to be asleep so our pet will leave us alone…for just a little longer. We know it won’t work but the only other option is getting out of bed.

7. We Go With the Flow

We go with the flow.

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When we say our pets have the run of the house, we’re serious. But sometimes we do let things get a little out of hand. We’re working to establish boundaries.

8. We’re Dismayed

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We’re a little put out that we can’t take our pets everywhere. Our motto is, “love us, love our pets.”

9. We’re a Little Crazy

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We’d bring home all the pets we could if it were socially acceptable. And if we had the money, time, and space to take care of them. It’s so hard to resist their little faces!

10. We Can’t Imagine It Any Other Way

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Despite all this: we simply don’t understand how some people don’t have any pets. The concept of a household without a cat or dog to love and care for is unfathomable to us.

Samantha Drake is a freelance writer & editor in the Philadelphia area who writes about pets, business & general interest topics.