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6 Great Fall Activities for Dogs

Fall is in the air! From pumpkin patches to autumn’s quilt blanketing the nation’s landscape and beyond, now’s the time for crisp memories in the making with your favorite pooch. So pack a picnic lunch, your trusty canine sidekick and take in these eight favorite fall activities for you and your dog.

Pumpkin Picking

Many pumpkin patches allow well-behaved, leashed dogs to accompany their parents on pumpkin picking excursions. Sometimes hay rides and corn maze fun are offered as part of the outing, so call ahead to find out if your favorite location welcomes dogs to the grounds. If so, be respectful and clean up after your dog, bring plenty of fresh, cool water, and make sure dog flea and tick prevention is implemented. Many dogs have seasonal allergies, so if dogs show any signs of discomfort, put his or her needs first.

Falling Prices for Fall Getaways

Autumn is one of the best times of the year to plan a mini or extended dog-welcoming vacation. Having traveled throughout most of the United States with a dog for over 20 years, one of my most cherished activities is visiting a pet-friendly hotel or bed and breakfast in the “off season.” Not only are prices lower, but oftentimes beaches, pools, and additional perks are available since the crowds are sparse. My personal favorite getaway in the fall is Inn by the Sea nestled in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Home to gorgeous lighthouses, a pet-friendly beach, and plenty of walking trails, we look forward to this adventure every year.

Canine Costume Contests

Canine Costume Contests

Carol Bryant

Start prepping now for all the online and in-person Halloween dog costume contests that will explode when leaves disperse from the trees. First and foremost, dogs should be comfortable and safe in whatever costume you choose. For the less than couture-conscious canine, don a favorite autumn or scary-themed dog leash, bandana, and collar to paint the town red.


Tail Gating

Carol Bryant

Gridiron season has an ongoing love affair with canines: From mascots to dog apparel, there are so many ways to get your favorite pooch involved in the pigskin fun. So huddle close and get ready for the game plan!

Camping or Glamping

If the great outdoors is more your thing, consider a fireside getaway with your dog. Fall is one of the best times to go camping: From the splendor of the leaves to the scents in the air, hiking trails abound, and an eager dog captivated by it all.

For those who prefer to go a little less rustic, glamping might be your thing. Glamping is a growing, trendy way to seek refuge in the great outdoors without having to completely “ruff” it. A combination of the words glamorous and camping, glamping’s origins are deeply seeded in countries of Africa, yet its popularity in the states and Europe are on the rise.

Pay Respects

Pay Respects

Carol Bryant

Arlington National Cemetery is a pet-friendly historic slice of history where you are welcome to bring your well-behaved, leashed dog. Located in the northern part of Virginia and bordering Washington D.C., Arlington is the final resting place of more than 300,000 people. Beginning with the American Revolution, veterans from each of our nation’s wars along with astronauts, sports figures and dignitaries are buried here. The tree-lined walkways and pristine grounds reflect a silent dignity while exploring, paying homage and saluting this sentimental landscape. Respectful and dignified behavior is expected at all times.

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