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25 Things Your Cat Is Thankful For

Cats embody gratitude every day. They take nothing for granted, and remind us that thankfulness should be a daily habit. What’s your cat most thankful for?

  1. Catnip. Just a pinch of the magical herb sprinkled on a scratchpad, or a new catnip-filled felt mouse to pounce on, sends most cats into ecstasy. Rubbing, sniffing, rolling around in it, catnip gives felines a bit of bliss.
  2. Three-day weekends. Cats know when you’re not in work mode and have extra time to spend with them. More together time equals more joy for your feline friend—and you.
  3. Sticky notes. Crumpled and tossed, these yellow (or orange or pink) pieces of paper are a cat’s favorite playthings. Cats love to carry them, swat them or wing them up in the air. They’re also expert at stockpiling them, apparently believing a worldwide shortage of sticky notes is looming.
  4. A cozy bed. A squishy soft cat bed triggers any feline’s purr reflex. The enclosed shape feels secure and safe, an invitation to curl into a furry circle.
  5. Your lap. For your cat, the happiest place on the planet Earth is right there, nestled close to you in the spot custom-made for a cat. Even the heftiest tabbies fit nicely into the right lap.
  6. The Internet. The global status of cats has risen from beloved but homey pets to brand-name rock stars, thanks to the Internet. No matter what talent they display—from playing a piano concerto or playing with their tails—cat-centric videos define the term “going viral.”
  7. Other cats. The lonely only cat may act as if he prefers the solitary spotlight, but most cats are thankful for a companion in mischief. But a second (or third) cat gives your resident feline a chance to exercise and a buddy to clue in on all those cat secrets (shhhh…they’re plotting to take over the world!).
  8. Dogs. Yes, cats are thankful for the dogs, partly because they can shift blame for breaking that vase onto someone else, or because the dog’s larger bed is more luxurious for napping. But the main reason cats are grateful for their canine companions is the chance to prove that ‘fighting like cats and dogs’ is just a myth.
  9. Toy mice. So much better than the live, squeaky kind, a catnip mouse is your cat’s version of a teddy bear. Loyal and portable, these cat toys are your kitty’s favorite silent partner.
  10. Windows. A window overlooking a bird feeder is like a giant-screen TV for the rest of us. The sun pouring in, or snowflakes dancing outside, or even a gentle rain tapping at the glass, any window invites a cat to take a look at the wider world.
  11. Birds. Second only to catnapping among feline hobbies, birdwatching is eye candy for cats. They don’t care if the feathered friend is an everyday brown sparrow, a flashy red cardinal or a noisy blue jay. Cats will chatter softly, communicating who-knows-what to and about the bird in their sights.
  12. Dripping faucets. That slow drip in your kitchen faucet is annoying for you, but your cat thinks it’s delightful. Awaiting a languid, liquid drop to fall, your cat will sit poised with a paw out, trying to capture that mysterious drip before it disappears.
  13. Catnaps. Napping is the undisputed favorite feline activity, of all cats, any age or stage of life. Your own cat knows that naps help kittens to grow, adult cats to recharge, senior cats to remember, and shelter cats to dream of the perfect forever home.
  14. Holidays. Presents, people, sights and sounds, new scents, new treats—holidays bring cats all the same fun we enjoy, minus the stress. For cats, holidays represent the best spectator sports, complete with extra attention from you.
  15. Covered litter boxes. Even the friendliest cats like a little privacy for their most private functions. Your own cat may not read magazines while in the bathroom but he’d close the door if he could. Cats are always thankful when they can keep their personal business on the downlow.
  16. Trips to the vet’s office. Cats may not show it, as they hiss, growl, cry or bite when visiting your friendly vet, but they really are grateful for the results. Cats are grateful when pain is eased as the vet finds the cause, or a newly cleaned mouth means easier chewing, or a change in diet brings a happier tummy and more energy.
  17. Grooming. Self-groomers by nature, cats still secretly revel in the attention you bring to combing their coats. Gathering up all that flying fur or gently putting a polish on that fur makes your favorite feline look and feel great.
  18. Television. Drama, comedy, sports, reality, it’s all the same to cats. But they’re thankful for those swift, colorful movements across the screen that provide hours of entertainment.
  19. Paper bags. Cats find equal joy in the humble brown grocery bag or a glossy shopping tote. They’ll crawl inside for a nap in a convenient hidden spot, or turn it into a playhouse, flattening the inner edges or popping a paw through a hole.
  20. Sunshine. No matter how gray the day, cats will find a stray sunbeam coming into a room or touching a spot of pavement. Even in the dimmest of wintertime months, cats are sunshine magnets.
  21. Scratch Posts. The rough texture of sisal, carpet, or even cardboard, gives cats’ claws a blissful workout, providing a gripping place for nails that need a little mani-pedi time and a chance to flex those paw muscles.
  22. Nine Lives. Legends say that cats enjoy nine lives because they are able to take risks and survive, due in part to their supple physique and unique makeup. Whether fact or fiction, cats are grateful to think they really can share nine full lifetimes with us!
  23. Crickets. The snappy clickety-chirp rhythm of these clever insects evokes the hunt mode in our cats—where isthat noisy critter hiding? When they find one visiting your hearth, the fun really begins.
  24. Sinks. Cats love the cool-tile feel on their fur, the perfect oval-nests that let them fit so perfectly into this bathroom space. If homes did not come equipped with sinks, cats would have invented them.
  25. You. Your cat is forever grateful for the basics, but being well-loved is any pet’s greatest gift—one that is returned freely, 24/7. Affection flows both ways, reminding you that kindness is rewarded unconditionally, no rebate coupons required!

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Kathy Blumenstock is owned by cats, loved by dogs, writes about both, and still longs for a horse.