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Which Goody Box from Chewy Is Right for Your Pet?

Furry friends come in different shapes, breeds and sizes, which is why Chewy has several goody boxes for every pet type. Finding the right pet gift box for your furry companion can be overwhelming and time-consuming with all the products on the market. 

If you’re looking to treat your pet to something special—whether for a birthday, a holiday or just because—one of Chewy’s goody boxes might be the right choice for you.

How do you know which of Chewy’s goody boxes is right for your pet? Take a look at our breakdown of each one below.

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    Paw-ty Ready Birthday Dog Goody Box

    Whether it’s your pet’s Gotcha Day, DOGust (August 1st--the universal birthday of all shelter dogs), or their actual birthday, you should find a way to show your pet appreciation for their unconditional love and support. It is their special day, after all.

    An excellent way to celebrate your furry friend is with all the goodies he loves. Our Birthday Dog Goody Box features handpicked birthday-themed goodies that have been specially selected to fulfill every pup’s birthday wishes. 

    Complete with a plush cake toy, a bounce-y rubber birthday bone, two bags of all-natural treats, a peanut butter-filled beef hoof, and a “It’s my birthday!” bandana, this box will surely bring out your dog’s inner party animal.

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    Together Fur-Ever Dog Goody Box

    Is your dog a true Chewy fan? If so, you probably wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to give him some Chewy-themed dog toys. Besides two bags of dog treats and peanut butter-filled dog bone, the Together Fur-Ever Goody Box comes complete with Chewy-themed toys, including squeaking tennis balls, a teddy bear and a plush puzzle toy that resembles the well-known Chewy box. Dogs who enjoy tearing up their Chewy box will appreciate the fluffy substitute and pet parents will love the safer alternative. 

    Keep in mind that these Chewy-themed toys are exclusive to the Together Fur-ever Goody Box, so you'll want to get your paws on one.

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    Pup-Fest Dog Goody Box

    Our goody boxes can help pet parents save plenty of time and money when it comes to finding a gift for your furry friend. These pre-selected goodies come at a tremendous value and take the guesswork out of shopping. 

    In our Dog Goody Box, each product has been hand selected by dog parents for dog parents to ensure every box encourages plenty of playtime and tail wags for our pups. The goody selection includes plush toys for cuddling, treats for training and long-lasting chews to keep your furry friend occupied and content.

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    Puppy Goody Box

    Step up the bonding time shared between you and your new puppy with the Puppy Goody Box. The selection includes three treats, a plush squeaking bear, a plush squeaking bunny, 15-count scented poop bag dispenser and an exclusive bandana. 

    We know you only want the best for your pet. That’s why every treat and toy featured in the box has been curated from top-rated brands and is specifically designed for puppies. Created by fellow puppy parents, you can feel confident that every item in the goody box will be safe and healthy for your new puppy.

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    Purr-Palooza Cat Goody Box

    Give your rockstar kitty toys and treats he can jam out to with our Cat Goody Box. Featured in this box are cat dental treats to keep your kitty’s teeth clean and healthy, unique yet delicious rabbit freeze-dried treats, a mouse toy for your cat’s inner hunter, lobster flavor cat treats for those fancy felines, and a butterfly toy that will make any cat explode in play.

    If you're in need of a gift for your pet, a Chewy Goody Box may be the ticket. And unlike a subscription box, you can order as many Chewy Goody Boxes as you want to keep the party going. Get one for your neighbor's dog's birthday or your boss' newly adopted cat. Whatever the case may be, a Chewy Goody Box is the perfect solution to your pet gifting needs.

    By: Samantha Schwab