Pantry ready DIY dog treats

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Pantry-Ready Chewy Eats Recipes

When 'self-care' is on life's menu, there's nothing that feeds the soul like heading for the kitchen and whipping up something delicious and special. And that means making lots of tasty treats for your furry family, too. From savory to sweet, here are seven of our most popular ever recipes that use ingredients you probably have in your pantry and that can be made in short order. All are vet and pet approved! 


DIY Dog Treat: Low-Fat Green Machine Treats

Every dog deserves treats—that’s just a fact. But managing your pet’s health and their taste for not-so-nutritious biscuits and chews can be a difficult balancing act. So, bake up a DIY dog treat that’s both delicious and good for your dog. Read More

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