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Little Girl Records Song Dedicated To Her Dog BFF

If you’re having a terrible day, week or month, a trip to Scarley’s World will fix you right up.

Scarlett is a 6-year-old girl whose best friend is a dog named Lebowski. They are quite the adorable pair. They do pretty much everything together. And around her 6th birthday, Scarlett recorded her own version of the song, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” dedicated to Lebowski.

Scarlett joined her uncle in a recording studio to record the song, and the song was played over footage of Scarlett and Lebowski napping together, being silly together, and having a blast at her Toy Story-themed birthday party.

The video was shared on YouTube by Scarley’s World – which is a channel filled with videos of these besties being extremely cute.

As much as Scarlett clearly adores her canine sidekick, Lebowski is always so gentle and cuddly with her that the feeling is obviously mutual.

By: Chrissa Hardy