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Kittens Fall Asleep In The Middle Of Playing

Have you ever been so excited that you feel like you could almost pass out? And no, not from excitedly drinking too much (no judgements, though).

Kittens in a YouTube video posed by FrozenVegie went from playing actively to snoozing immediately. It’s as if the fun times the kitties were having were a power surge, and they kind of had to shut down to reboot.

It could be more common than we think. We often talk about kids being overstimulated. Instead of powering down, though, kids usually turn into raving maniacs. Go to Disneyland sometime; you’ll see.

The kittens’ strategy is a pretty solid way to get over the hump. They can have all the fun, sneak in a snooze, then — pow! — they’re ready for more. The next time we feel so freaking pumped we can’t stand it, we won’t. We’ll fall asleep where we are until we wake up, ready for more.

By: Anastasia Thrift

Feature Image: Via FrozenVegie/YouTube