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Is This The World’s Most Affectionate Cat?

A common complaint from people who claim to not like cats is that cats are aloof and not affectionate. But a cat in Sweden is here to prove all the haters wrong. In a YouTube video posted by Fredrik Johansson, a sweet, floofy cat named Ville can’t get enough lovin’ from his human. Ville showers him with kisses and head butts, and happily accepts kisses and ear scritches in return.

Sweet kitty kisses and head butts. Via Fredrik Johansson/YouTube

When Johansson steps away from him, the sweet kitty puts his paws out as if to say, “Purr-lease come back for more snugs.” Ville clearly loves his human and isn’t afraid to show it. Haters gonna hate. But Ville lets love rule.

By: Stephanie Brown