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Husky Has Bedtime Ritual On Repeat

We all have bedtime routines. We brush teeth, wash faces, sometimes obsess over Instagram… But how many of us walk around and around in a circle, jerking our head up from time to time until we feel ready for bed?

One Husky does, as a Rumble video posted by saraandpets shows. Apparently Kuma has to complete a few tasks before his spot on the bed is truly ready for him.

He walks in a circle. He throws his head up once he finishes. He starts it all over again and he does this every. Single. Night. (According to the caption under the video.) Kuma — why?

Maybe our nighttime habits seem odd to Kuma. The strange books we read (yes, we’ve technically aged out of Young Adult literature, your point is..?), the pajamas that were once meant for exercising in public but now are stretched and faded beyond recognition, that gross mouth guard. He’s probably talking to his other dogs about this while they all shake their heads… then walk in like a thousand circles.

By: Anastasia Thrift

Feature Image: Via saraandpets/Rumble