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This Quiz Will Reveal Just How Extra You Are as a Pet Parent

Being a pet parent isn’t just a duty—it’s a calling. Now that your little floof is in your life, you can’t even remember what your days consisted of without them. And with all the love they give, you are determined to give it right back, and you show your appreciation in over-the-top ways that only other pet parents can appreciate. Matching clothes for you and your doggo? You’ve got a closet full. Was your cat’s last birthday party a bigger blowout than your own? Obviously—she’s got a lot of friends! Some may call you extra, but no one’s going to tell you how to shower your fur baby with love.

But just how extra is your pet-parenting style? Time to find out with this totally accurate and not-at-all scientific pet quiz.

How extensive is your pet’s wardrobe?
Question Image
Do their clothes ever match yours?
Question Image Shavshyna
What is your immediate reaction when your pet stretches?
Question Image
What about when they yawn?
Question Image
How often do you treat your pet to a new toy?
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Does your pet have their own Instagram page?
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Would you ever consider throwing a birthday party for your pet?
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How many furry friends will be on the guest list?
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How often do you cancel plans with friends to snuggle with your pet?
Question Image Aksenov
What's the verdict?