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Holiday Gift Guide: Presents Your Pup Actually Wants

Gifts are a sweet sentiment, especially when a lot of thought has gone into them. Dogs may be easy to please (have you ever seen a dog playing with a Chewy box?), but what about a gift that will improve his quality of life?

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to get your pup exactly what he needs, so we’ve created the ultimate pet gift guide featuring the best dog Christmas gifts of the season so you can do just that.

Keep reading for gift inspiration guaranteed to make your dog happy on Christmas day and all year long.

Dog Gift Idea #1: A Stocking Filled with Gifts

curly bully stick

Make your dog happy by stuffing a stocking full of goodies to dig into first thing Christmas morning! The USA Bones & Chews Curly Bully Stick is an excellent stocking stuffer that’s sure to keep your dog occupied until everyone gathers under the Christmas tree. Not only is this a treat that your pup will love, but you can also feel good about giving it due to its high-quality beef and the healthy chewing action bully sticks provide. To make your pooch’s stocking complete, fill it up with fun holiday toys like the Outward Hound Holiday Santa Squeaker Matz Dog Toy, and Outward Hound Snowman Ball Buddiez Pull Apart Dog Toy that are bound to start Christmas day off on the right paw.

Dog Gift Idea #2: Gifts That Keep on Giving

Is there anything that you’ve wanted to get your pup that will benefit you both for months to come? Maybe a new bed or switching to a new food? Some of the best dog Christmas gifts are ones that will make your dog feel like every day is a holiday.

dog bed for gift

The K&H Pet Products Bolster Couch Pet Bed is the perfect gift for your pup to unwrap first! This luxurious present will make him feel like he landed on Santa’s good list this year! It’s also an excellent way to give your pup a cozy spot to rest while everyone takes their turn unwrapping presents.

Besides a new, comfortable bed, how about giving your pet the gift of good health? If you want to feed your pet a diet packed with high-quality nutrition, consider a raw diet. Raw diets are becoming more popular for pets, and are based on the philosophy that pets thrive on the same diets that they would have eaten in the wild. Some benefits associated with a raw food diet include higher energy levels, improved digestion and better dental health.

stella and chewys food

If you want to upgrade your pet’s meals, try out Stella & Chewy’s Tantalizing Turkey Meal Mixers to start. This meal mixer will incorporate the raw diet benefits into your pet’s usual food routine; simply mix it into to your pup’s kibble for a complete and wholesome meal with a nutritional boost.

Dog Gift Idea #3: The Gift of Doggie Speed Dial

pet webcam for your dog

Leaving your pup during the day is never easy, so why not stay connected in ways that will make your dog happy and put a smile on your face as well? The PetChatz HD Wifi Two-Way Audio & Video Camera & Treat Dispenser is an incredible way to keep tabs on your pet throughout the day. This videophone allows you to see, hear, speak to, calm and reward your pet. You can download the app to your smartphone or tablet, or use Wi-Fi to connect through the website on your computer, so the opportunity to check in with your pet is always at your fingertips.

If you think calling your pet is cool, believe it or not—they can give you a ring, too! The PetChatz PawCall Interactive Accessory gives your pet the opportunity to paw in during scheduled times. This gadget will also play interactive games with your pet. When the button starts flashing, it’s game-time for your pup! Each time he clicks the flashing button, a reward is dispensed for a job well done.

Dog Gift Idea #4: Gifts That Make Tails Wag

dog with gator toy

Toys, toys and more toys! We have a strong feeling that your pup will appreciate anything that squeaks, bounces and keeps him busy. When it comes to the holidays, the Outward Hound Plush Squeaker Matz Gator Dog Toy is a gift worth wrapping. This dog toy is durably designed and has multiple squeakers.

dog toy for christmas

Another gift-worthy toy is the Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Mint Dog Toy, a festive mint-shaped toy that’s both durable and bouncy! Give your dog a challenge on Christmas day and beyond by adding an interactive toy to your pup’s gift list.

Dog interactive toys like the Ethical Pet Seek-A-Treat Shuffle Bone Puzzle Dog Toy provides mental stimulation for rewards of hidden treasures (dog treats)! With all these awesome dog gifts, your pup is sure to be wagging his tail with happiness.

If you follow this pet gift guide, we’re confident that the presents under the tree will be what your pup’s been wanting. The littlest things may make your dog happy, but gifts addressed to your four-legged companion are sure to make him feel extra special.

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