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Healthy at Home: A Guide for Pet Parents

Well, life just got more complicated. Like many of you, we're also working from home in order to do our part to help flatten the curve and halt the spread of COVID-19.

While it's a nice change to be home in sweats rather than stuck in a car battling the commute, life goes on and that means finding ways to get work done, keep our pets happy while we're more often indoors, and creating kits of all the stuff we need in anticipation of limited access to outdoors. While there's no research to support human to animal spread at this time, we're also taking steps to ensure that our furry family members stay healthy.

Be Well

Don't let your pet's health fall by the wayside. Make sure your pet is living their best life by keeping them active, well-groomed, and parasite-free, no matter what.


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Be Prepared

Having a disaster preparedness plan in place for you and your pet will give you peace of mind.


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Be Zen

We consider spending quality time with pets as a form of self-care. Whether you're building a zen space for your kitty or playing a quick game with your dog, prioritize both you and your pet's health by de-stressing together. 


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Be Home

If you’re working from home, you’re going to need some strategies to be productive while dealing with pets who are tail-waggingly excited to spend more time with you. Here are some tips that work for us.


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Good Eats

Treat your pet for being the best co-worker ever with homemade goods from the heart. Use the extra time you'd spend commuting to try one these clever and delicious recipes for your pup. 


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