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Halloween Costume Ideas for Cats

Dress-up isn’t just for the humans—or dogs for that matter! Although most pet parents are hesitant to have their cat dress up in any sort of apparel (and with good reason), there are some cats who are willing to tolerate—and may even enjoy—spending their evening in their pet parent’s costume of choice.

If you have a laid-back or outgoing kitty who doesn’t mind getting down with a little cat dress-up, check out these Halloween cat costume ideas!

Rubie’s Costume Company Princess Leia Buns Cat Costume: Help your feline fight back against the dark side with these iconic Princess Leia buns. This headband is perfect for cats who don’t like wearing a full Halloween cat costume, but can deal with a simple accessory and the onrush of attention from human admirers and Star Wars fans. Rubie’s is an official licensed costume designer for the Star Wars franchise, so you can be sure you are getting a high-quality accessory that accurately reflects the brand.

Rubie’s Costume Company Pizza Cat Costume: There’s nothing better than cats and pizza—but what about a cat dressed as a pizza? Combine your two favorite things this Halloween with Rubie’s pizza Halloween cat costume. This lightweight shirt allows for plenty of wiggle room for your feline without weighing her down, so she should have no trouble showing off her new-found pizza persona. Complete with various pizza toppings and a poly-filled crust, your cat will surely be turning heads during your next outing.

Rubie’s Costume Company Princess Cat Costume: Treat your cat like the princess she is by dressing her like one! Your kitty will feel like royalty in this pink dress complete with a lace tulle shirt adorned with rosettes and a pink, cone-shaped hat. This costume will have trick-or-treaters bowing down in your cat’s presence—just make sure she doesn’t kiss any frogs!

Rubie’s Costume Company Ladybug Cat Costume: If you’re lucky enough to have a cat that doesn’t mind dressing up in a costume, then this ladybug Halloween cat costume is for her. This two-piece costume comes with a red-and-black sateen dress with a polka-dot bodice and a multi-layered tulle skirt. Of course, a ladybug ensemble wouldn’t be complete without some playful antennas; just slide the headband on your cat’s head to top off this buzz-worthy look! Out of all the cat costume ideas, this one is sure to make your social media likes take flight!

Pet Krewe Cat Sailor Costume: For cats who’d rather be fishing for their next catch, there’s the Pet Krewe cat sailor costume. The two-piece set includes an ascot and hat with adjustable Velcro straps to ensure a secure fit. This Halloween cat costume is made with high-quality, non-toxic materials, so you can be confident this outfit will be safe for your cat.

Tips for Dressing up Your Cat

“As a general rule, cats do not tolerate costumes well,” says Irith Bloom, a certified Dog Trainer at The Sophisticated Dog in LA. To find out if your cat is the exception, consider whether your cat can tolerate being handled. “If the answer to either of these questions is ‘no,’ then the odds are much higher that your cat will have issues with wearing a costume,” says Bloom.

If you want to have your cat dress up for Halloween, Bloom recommends getting an early start in trying out the costume. “If you introduce the costume slowly and carefully, you are much more likely to succeed in getting your cat to wear it comfortably,” she says.

To introduce your cat to a costume, Bloom advises that you start by placing treats on top of the costume weeks in advance. If your cat doesn’t like treats, “Put the costume on the floor while you play with your cat nearby.” The next step would be to hold the costume in one hand while you offer your cat treats or play with your cat using your other hand. Then, “Use treats or toys to get your cat to move close enough for you to lay the costume across your cat’s back gently for a second before removing it. Gradually build up to more time with the costume draped over your cat’s back.”

Once your cat becomes comfortable with the costume’s presence, “Gently begin to put the costume onto your cat in the way required for your cat to ‘wear’ it.” Bloom recommends starting very slowly, “gradually build[ing] up to putting the costume on properly, using cat treats or play throughout.” Eventually increase the amount of time your cat is in the costume until she is completely comfortable wearing it.

Throughout this process, Bloom recommends paying close attention to your cat’s body language. “If your cat hisses, swats at you or backs away, you are moving too fast for your particular cat,” she says. “This can also mean that your cat may never be comfortable wearing a costume, in which case it is strongly suggested that you skip the costume all together.”

Some other cat dress-up tips include avoiding costumes that hang in front of your cat’s legs, or that restrict their movements. “Cats can become extremely distressed when they are unable to move freely,” Bloom says.

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