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Great Dane Doesn’t Realize His Size, Thinks He’s A Lap Dog

Agent Washington is all business. And that business is cuddling.

The Great Dane is such a cuddlebug, he doesn’t realize his size kind of prevents it, a Rumble video posted by JessicusPrime shows. Despite being one of the biggest dog breeds around, the big doggo thinks he’s a little pupper who still fits on laps.

“When Agent Washington the Great Dane wants cuddles, ‘NO’ isn’t an option!” the caption below the video reads.

We get it — snuggles are great. But consider the snuggling victim — um, recipient. Make sure everyone involved is on board with the onslaught. We know you want to do your job as an oversized lap dog, Agent Washington, and we commend you for that. As long as the people receiving the cuddling can hang, carry on with your duties.

By: Anastasia Thrift

Feature Image: via JessicusPrime/Rumble