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Our Favorite Funny Dog Names and Funny Cat Names

If you’re a pet parent to a silly pet, then you know they have the special ability to make every day brighter with their amusing antics and playful personalities. You also probably know that finding a funny name to match their wacky demeanor is half the fun. There’s no better way to brighten up your life (and your pet’s) than with a funny (yet kind!) name that gives you a good chuckle every time you try to get their attention. These good feelings are contagious, and you may even start to see your own pet light up at his new laughable labeling.

We’ve asked our Chewy audience to share their good humor by telling us their own silly pet names; and trust us when we say they had us roaring with laughter. If you want your pet to be the hit of doggy day care, or popular at the puppy park, check out the silly names below for some hilarious inspiration!

Check out some funny pet name inspired by food of all things!


Bisquick. Bisquick is a 70-pound, blind foster Pit Bull named after the popular pancake brand. Bisquick’s pet parent, Kristen Hansen, says he got his name because he likes to lie flat on the floor like a pancake after a long walk (even if it’s in the middle of crossing the street!). “But we love the silly creature,” she says.


Beans. Something about the name Beans just seems to fit this Pug so well. Here is Beans celebrating her 14th birthday in her colorful tutu.


Noodles. This well-dressed pooch got his name as a puppy, when his pet parent, Katherine Hamilton, noticed Noodles as being especially squirmy—like a noodle! Katherine says Noodles is still squirmy, “but only when getting her nails clipped or snout cleaned.”


Potato. Potato got his nickname from his puppy personality. Pet parent Katie Yazzie says that “He looked like a tater tot as a puppy,” and now he looks like a fluffy potato. “Although his name is actually Wade, he responds to both!”


Bananas. Though this adorable, silly pup wasn’t exactly named after the yellow fruit, pet parent Alex Rhodes says Bananas got his name because he’s crazy!


Whiskey. Just like the strong drink, we’d like to imagine this pup has just as strong of a personality. Pet parent Tessa Davis says, she acts like a college kid that loves to take selfies.

These funny dog names are inspired by other animals!


Cricket. The name Cricket came from this pooch’s tendency to leap all throughout the house. Pet parent Kris Caran says when she adopted Cricket, his name was Snoopy, “but it didn’t feel right. We would joke that he leapt through the house like a grasshopper; that’s how he got his name!”


Goat. Though the origin of this adorable pup’s name is unknown, we’d like to think it was from the phrase “Greatest of All Time,” or GOAT. Now that’s how you name a pup!


Monkey. Monkeys are known as being mischievous and curious creatures, just like this silly Pit Bull! With this picture of Monkey sitting on his sister Maggie, we couldn’t think of a more accurate name. 

These funny, yet cute pet names show some off some unique character traits!


Happy. There is no name more appropriate for this pup than Happy. With teeth as white as his, and that contagious, explosive smile, you can tell this pup has all the feels.

 Mr Big Stuff

Boo. You probably wouldn’t expect any 120-pound dog to be afraid of much, but you haven’t met Boo. According to pet parent Kaila Mulvey, this lap dog is afraid of everything and anything, hence the amusing and appropriate moniker.

 Sunny sunny1

Sunny. Sunny’s name perfectly contradicts his outward catitude. His pet parent describes his physical appearance as “always looking angry,” but this cat doesn’t fool us! We are confident this kitty is a real ray of sunshine.


Shredder. Don’t be deceived by this picture. This dog has sharp, little puppy teeth that have rightfully earned him the title of “Shredder.” “He looks so sweet and innocent, but certainly lives up to his name,” says pet parent Maddison Haffer.


Toeny. This name is so fitting for this feline that sports an extra toe. Own it, Toeny!

These funny pet names take a cue from pop culture.


Hulk. Hulk was endowed with his empowering name by his owner, Alecia Bradford Wyatt, who says her dog “likes to smash things, especially plastic bottles.”

 18057672_1785561331457719_2402549679032783993_n (1)

Kramer. Yo-yo ma! This cat is rightly named after Cosmo Kramer, the eccentric and goofy Seinfeld character.

Jesse James

Jesse James. This kitty is named after the infamous outlaw Jesse James on account of his one missing eye, and rebel-like personality.


Odie. Everyone knows Odie from Garfield! This pup has the floppy ears and long tongue that are reminiscent of the silly cartoon character, so pet owner Ana Price couldn’t resist giving him the same name.


Chewy. We may be biased, but we love this pupper’s name!