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Flame The Firehouse Cat Stays Cool As His Fame Fires Up

Flame is a ginger-and-white cat who walked up to a fire station in Greenville, South Carolina, one day and never left. He’s been burning up the internet ever since.

Not only does Flame have a strong Instagram page, he recently starred in a clip from “My Cat From Hell” and was featured on

As an only weeks-old kitten, he ingratiated himself right away with the firefighters at the Belmont Fire House. They made sure the captain approved.

“I came in one day and I saw the guys playing with this kitten,” Fire Chief Anthony Segars told The Greenville News. “So I asked the guys, ‘Why is the cat here?’ And they told me, ‘He lives here now.’”

What made this cat a firefighter keeper? Flame pulled his own weight and stayed true to his cat-ness while doing it. Other cats looking to land a firehouse position of their own should take note and follow these steps:

1. Get Comfortable With The Equipment.

Happy #firecatfriday everyone! #flamethearsoncat #firedepartment #catlife #orangecat

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Flame feels right at home aboard any of the (parked) fire trucks, including the giant hook-and-ladder vehicles.

2. Make Yourself Useful.

While Flame mostly contributes by boosting morale, here he is clearly helping with some truck maintenance.

3. Continue To Cat.

#fundaysunday @flamethearsoncat

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Truck comfort: check. Equipment maintenance: check. Attacking things dangling in front of you: check, check and triple check.

4. Keep A Low Profile When Needed.

Can Flame be spotted on this cold morning? #wheresflame

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Fire stations are busy places. When people are on the go, you might have to stay out of the way.

5. Learn To Hang.

This is the life. #chilling

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Between calls, things might be slow. Be a member of the team who can kick it with the rest of the crew.

6. Take A Place At The Table.

Me and the captain at the squad table. Now you see it, now you don’t. #squadtable

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Lean in, Flame.

7. Up Your Comfort With Water.

I had company earlier and I was filthy. Sorry, I know you expect more from a firecat. Therefore I am treating myself to #spanight

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There will be a lot of water on the job. Get used to it.

8. Outperform.

Firecat of the year award goes to. #flamethearsoncat

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Flame holds himself to high standards and it pays off.

9. Eat, Breathe And Sleep Fire Trucks.

Flame is all about the Belmont Fire Station, in every part of his life. Rest up, you hard worker!

By: Anastasia Thrift

Feature Image: Via Flame the Arson Cat/Instagram